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Old town area of Perugia

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A walk to remember

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

Hola !!! My dear readers, this blog post will be dedicated to the amazing walk I did today with the company of some very cool people. I would like to take you in to this adventure walk in the old town area of the forever beautiful city of Perugia. Though it is true and also what stands as one of my life principles is the ''taking a walk by yourself where you get to somehow recharge your batteries'', this time around the walk envolved a huge crowd who was gatherd in the old town area. So if you are ready to get onboard into this adventure continue reading because you will find out many things about nice walking areas in Perugia.

Starting point of the walk

Today's walk wasn't similar to the other kind of walks I have taken in the past. This goes to say that today walk was about climate change, saving the planet and raising awareness about the pollution of the planet Earth as a whole and all of the temporary/long-term damages the human kind caused to the Earth itself. This whole idea of marching for an ideology (let's save our planet) was very fascinating to me and I must say that I really felt the energy from all the people who took part in the march, as we all shared the same thoughts on the topic.


Now I will describe the route we followed as we walked from the lowest point from the center of the old town of Perugia until the heart of the old town itself. I actually must say this particular route we did today is nice because to a given visiting student or simply a tourist, It will give the time to appreciate the panorama as you slowly walk on  steep road to the old town of this beautiful Etruscan city.

For this particular pathway follow the listed directions:

  • Piazza Partigiani is where you want to start off. This location is easy to find because it is the most important bus station of Perugia because most of the buses and coaches ()including flixbus) start and end their journey at this location. So if Piazza Partigiani sounds hard to remember just ask for the main bus station;



  • From the main bus station go ahead to the roundabout and take via Masi which is quite steep so you might consider taking it nice and slow (comfortable shoes are a must to fully enjoy the walk). Following the main road and after some curves along the pathway you will find Viale Indipendenza, which is at the feet of the town's protective walls known as Rocca Paolina. Every now and then I suggest you to turn your back and enjoy the enchanting view which gets better and better as you continue going up-hill.



  • Now is where it gets interesting because once you are at the end of Viale Indipendenza you will get to a place called Piazza Italia (which literally translates to Italy Square). It is a beautiful square with many gardens,fountains, many trees essential for the hot summer days as they provide some shed and many more things, including the monumental stautes.



  • From Piazza Italia proceed to Corso Vannucci which is the main street representing the heart of Perugia. Along this street you will find many interesting corners including caffes, restaurants, pubs, shops and much more. Take a good look at the facades and balconies of the buildings along Corso Vannucci as each one has something different and eye-catching detail.



  • At the other end of Corso Vannucci you will find another monument very dear to the inhabitants of Perugia: La Fontana Maggiore located on the square called Piazza IV Novembre. Though recently it underwent to some reconstruction which resulted in making few cromatique changes, it remains to be the place were a lot of people meet-up and just hang-out. So if you want to make sure you had an authentic visit of Perugia then you must walk around this fountain and feel its importance.



  • From the fountain move to Via Calderini which is just a quite narrow downhill street on the side where there are many pubs. If you want to treat youself with a snack feel free to try the conopizza (it literally means a pizza in a cone, so yes ice-cream is not the only thing you can eat in a cone).
  • Once at the end of Via Calderini turn right and you should be the square called Piazza Matteotti. This is a square named after an important political figure in Italy. In this square you can find a spot called Testone where you can find a regional delicacycalled 'torta al testo' which can roughly be described as a flat bread with a variety of fillings. My favorite is with potatoes and sausege or the one with arugula and speck.



  • From Piazza Matteotti continue on the right and you will find Via Oberdan where the widthof the street starts to get narrow, typical of the old town area. These street is also full of shops and restaurants. It is important to know that if you want to try and take the Minimetro, light tram, you can do that by taking a left turn from Via Oberdan (you should also see a sing indicating the Minimetro)
  • Finally we have arrived to our destination: Scalette di Sant'Ercolano. This long flight of stairs is a joy not only to walk on it but also if you just stand there and admire its red bricks and curvy shape, going downhill as you leave Via Oberdan. This area has a nice pizzeria, a pub and a very cool chilling spot with tables to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight.


Officially this walking pathway ends here but feel free to proceed down this street that you will find once you did all of the steps. Here is were part of the social life, both day time and night time, of Perugia takes place. I am always fascinated by the atmosphere I feel as I walk down this area. You might as well have to try it and I hope you will appreciate it too.

Thanks for reading this article about Perugia. Cheers to y'all !!!

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