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Copia e Incolla

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Do those prints !!!

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

Hello to all the beatiful people out there. I would like to dedicate this article for all of those students who are currently in Perugia or for those who are going to come here in Perugia and  study at the University of Perugia. I am very motivated to give out this important informations because they are all of the things I wish I had known in the beggining of my studies here in Perugia. So I guess you could consider yourself as somehow 'lucky' beacause I really think that some of the insights from this article will come in handy, especially in the first few weeks you spend getting to know the surroundings and so on. To make things easier to understand and of course to remember as well I have decided to tackle this big topic in multiple articles, givining out with each one a piece of information and advice that I suppose will be of a great help. Therefor this article is going to be mainly dedicate to what we call in italian ''copisteria' which translates to print shop

Why a print shop ?

Unless you are a fresh man at the university you already know the importance of having your local print shop at your disposal. In the end jugling the many courses we attened at the university, we find out that some study material has to be printed out because it is just easier that way. I personally had to turn to printing my study material so often that the guy that works in the print shop knows me well well enough to greet me by calling out my name. So let me intruduce my favorite print shop here in Perugia. Not only my favorite but also the one that I have been going to since my first year of university. This place that I am going to talk about is called Copia e Incolla, which literally translates to copy and paste. So let us get into it.

What to expect from Copia e Incolla print shop ?

The place has a warm and welcoming atmoshpere. As soon as you get inside the print shop you will see on the walls and the shelfs all of the items on sale and so many other colourful things hanging on the wall. From what I understood this print shop makes prints not only on paper but also on t-shirts and other kinds of garments. Basically there are two rooms: the first is were custemers are served behind a desk. In the immediate vicinity there are all the must have for a print shop which include computers, scanner and so on. On the wall there are many stationary items for you to grab one. In the second room There are what I like to call the big machines: a plotter, some more computers and a mega printer are just some of the items that can be found in this print shop.

This amazing print shop, which I recomend you check out if you spend a study period in Perugia, is located in the hub where you can find many university departments. Anyway it is located in Via Ariodante Fabbretti, 93. Here are some pictures of Copia e Incolla.

Here are some pictures of Copia e Incolla.


Entrance to the print shop, Copia e Incolla

Something that I really appreciate about this particular print shop is the owner and his customer service. In my humble opinion this place has a good customer service. The owner which is also the guy who is doing all of the work including the printing is a very friendly spirit with an open mind, always ready to crack a joke or two and make you feel like you are relaxed. 


Picture of some of the items available upon request.

One exceptional characteristic of this print shop is that you have the possibility to send via e-mail the files you want to be printed and also indicate in the email the specifications for the print like for example if you want it black and white or coloure, the orientation of the page, front and back and so on. Therefore by just sending, from anywhere you are, in the email with the specifications and the files you can just show up when you want at the print shop, pay the requested ammount and pick up your order. This is a fantastic way of dealing with such kind of 'printing situation' because it just makes your life a whole lot easier and perfect solution in terms of time saving.


Picture of the inside of the print shop.

Another inspiring aspect of this print shop and its owner is the fact that this place has always something new to offer. Looking back to the first days of its opening until now I must say that each time I went there because I needed to print somethings, I would see that he had started a new service beside the printing like for example he sells bus tickets, topo-up for your phone, in this print shop you can also make some type of payments of your bills, he also sells different types of bijouteries and much more.

Thanks for reading.

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