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The church of Jesus's heart

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Another must - see in Drežnica

Published by Martha S — 5 years ago

The church of the Jesus's heart is one of the symbols of Drežnica, and it is the first thing you will see, when you will be driving to this beautiful village. The church is situated on a small hill, and the ASL at the top of this hill is exactly five hundred and fifty meters.

The church is quite old. It was built before the first world war, when the first inhabitants came to Drežnica and the surrounding villages, and in the past, the belfry had a different, shorter shape. It is amazing that, even if the war was going on in this region, the church has remained untouched. However, it was badly damaged in an earthquake in 1997, and they renovated it. The renovation lasted for almost five years, and the end result is just amazing. You will see what I am talking about when you will visit this place personally, until that, I can show you a few photos, but believe me, in reality, everything  is much more beautiful.

The good thing is, that the church is always open (except at night), so you can take a look inside anytime you want. After the entrance, you will notice some brochures about the church and this region in general. You can take them, but it is advisable that you donate something in the box next to this table.

The exterior of the church looks majestic even from the distance, and it is even better when you come closer. Not to mention the interior, because it is known as one of the most beautiful ones in the country.

Two of the things make this church famous: the frescoes and the stained glass with sacred images, made in the style of a mosaic, and they were made in Austria. One of the frescoes that you will definitely notice, is at the front of the church, and it pictures a Krn mountain.

The organs in the church are the biggest ones in the region of Gorica, and this is another thing that the church of Jesus's heart is famous for. You can access to the balcony to see them.

You can also go all the way to the top of the belfry. The stairs are very steep and there are a lot of spider webs, but at the top, you will be awarded with a nice, panoramic view of Drežnica. You just have to be careful not to go there when the bells ring, because they are really loud. In general, it happens every fifteen minutes. The belfry is fifty – two meters high, so it gives you a pretty nice view, but, as I said, do not spend too much time up there because of the bells.

There is a ceremony held in this church everyday. Of course, the most beautiful ones are held on Sundays, and on summer days, when there is a lot of tourists, it is occassionally translated into English.

This church is very popular among pilgrims from the whole Europe, and there is a yearly ceremony at the church, usually held in August, dedicated to all the pilgrims. There are also several other events at this church, held throughout all year long, so it is almost guaranteed that every time you will visit Drežnica, there will be something going on.

There are a few very important events, for example:

  • A concert of choir groups. It usually happens twice a year – in Christmas time and in August and it is great to listen to them. Usually, the concert is made out of five groups. One of them is from Drežnica, and the other ones are from other nearby places, but sometimes, there are also groups from other countries. Especially old people love going to this event.
  • The nativity scene. People in small villages like Drežnica are very religious, and therefore, making of the nativity scene in the church is very important to all of them. Each year, a group of people is assigned to create a nativity scene, which is then put on display until end of February.

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