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Alpi Bar

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The best coffee in town

Published by Martha S — 5 years ago

Alpi Bar is a great place to visit during the cold winter days. Situated just opposite the main bus station in Tolmin, and next to the little shopping centre (which consists of the Mercator supermarket, Intersport, which is a shop with sporting goods, and Mana, which is a clothing store), this bar always attracts plenty of visitors.

This bar was very popular even when I was a kid. A few years after the opening, they built small children's playground outside, and that made the bar very popular among the local families with kids. There are also tables and chairs outside, so parents can watch their kids on the playground while having a drink.

In winter time, they have the infrared heaters and blankets outside, so you can still have your drink outside without being cold. In summer, try their excellent ice – cold lemonade, which will cool you down on a hot day. The bar is air – conditioned during summertime.

In the past, this place was very famous as a teahouse with an excellent choice of tea from all around the world, which was served the proper way. Nowadays, they are still serving tea, but it is not that popular anymore among people as it used to be. I guess the reason behind this is, that the real tea was more expensive than the one you buy in supermarkets. They were (and still are) selling accessories for drinking tea, too.

This is my favourite bar in the whole city of Tolmin. The staff is always super friendly, and they often give you some discounts or little souvenirs, if you visit the bar several times. The prices are decent and they have a good choice of drinks.  And there is also a free wifi connection inside the bar.



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