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An Erasmus experience in Montpellier, France

Why did you decide to go to Montpellier, France?

Honestly, I really wanted to go to Spain, France was actually my second choice.

How long did the grant last for? How much money did they give you to help you out?

My grant lasted for just 6 months. I then had to ask for an extension. I would have received 550 euros a month, however this only ended up being for the first 6 months. The extension didn't come from an Erasmus grant but.... it came out of my own pocket or even better out of my parents pockets.

How is the student life in Montpellier?

Relaxed. French students are cold and unpleasant. Not everyone but most of them. Despite this, they're relatively relaxed, mainly when they're amongst themselves.

An Erasmus experience in Montpellier, France


Would you recommend the city and the University to other students?

The city is nice. To me, everything is there for the students. In fact I find students everywhere I go. I like it a lot here, it helps that I have found a lot of Spanish friends. I have found practically no French friends. I don't know whether it's the city, the atmosphere or the people that I know... but maybe it's just the typical Erasmus experience. In any case, yes, I do recommend the city to other students.

How is the food in the city?

The only thing that's really good, are the sweets, cakes and pastries.

How did you find your accomodation?

It was difficult, very difficult. But in the end I managed to get a room in the student house of my coordinator, who at the start was a bit reluctant to let me have it.

How much was the rent? How were general expenses?

It's hard to find apartments for under 300 euros. However, I got help from the CAF, which can help you pay around 100 euros less than the original price... naturally they take certain factors into account. In the student house it cost 225 euros, but with the help of the CAF, it went down to 130 euros.

An Erasmus experience in Montpellier, France


How did you find the language? Did you go to any courses at the University?

No. I didn't take any courses. I took a one month course in Italy before I came here. However, I am of the opinion that you learn the language if you go to the country in which it is spoken... naturally I'm talking a lot with French people and not just with other Italians!

What is the cheapest way to get to Montpellier from your city?

Plane and train.

Which places would you recommend for going out in Montpellier?

There are several nightclubs: Manhattan, Australian, Cargo, Point Zero etc.

And places to eat? Can you tell us your favourite places to go?

I wouldn't know. I eat at home or in the canteen, because going out can be expensive.

Any cultural places to see?

I haven't visited any.

What advice would you give to future students in Montpellier?

Prepare yourselves for a completely new experience!

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