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Erasmus blog México, D.F.

  • Hungover

    I don´t know much about other cities, but battling with a hangover in Mexico is a big deal, almost a religious matter. I mean, I get it. Almost nobody likes waking up and having to deal with the cold-hot feeling that comes after a night out. Personally, I don´t mind....

    0 by Chucho, 3 years ago
  • Finding a perfect apartment at AIRBNB app

    Whats up beauties? Today I'm telling you how I find a perfect apartment at Airbnb app. First, let me tell you some important things. The reason Airbnb is the only app mentioned in this post is because that was the app I used and that was the one that worked well for me....

    0 by Gabriela , 4 years ago
  • Colores del Mexico

    Some days ago, a friend asked me what I miss the most about Mexico. And that question hit so me hard, because I had never thought about it before. So, back at home, I had some thoughts about things I really miss about MX, and I my conclusion was: the air. This makes...

    0 by Gabriela , 4 years ago
  • Who am I and how did I end up in Mexico City?

    Introducing myself is always a hard task to me. There are a few things I hate more than talking about myself. I don't like doing this unless it's extremely necessary. And, unfortunately, I guess it's the case. Or otherwise, how could you possible trust someone you don't...

    0 by Gabriela , 4 years ago

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