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Erasmus blog Marseille

  • Why it is worth visiting Marseille

    Hello again! Today I am bringing you a post which is very special for me: Marseilles, a multicultural city which I had the pleasure to have 30 minutes away from my university halls, and so, I wandered down its streets and coast several times. So, I am going to talk...

    0 by Olivia, 5 months ago
  • Les Calanques, the beaches of French Riviera

    Les Calanques, the beaches on the Blue Coast Hello everyone! Today we're finishing off this chapter on France, with the Les Calanques route, in Cassis. Let's briefly go back to the moment when I picked my second Erasmus destination. I remember looking for photos of...

    0 by Agata, 6 months ago
  • The sisterhood of travelling France

    This is a story of friendship, really long braids, and a strong wind. Welcome back to my life as a telenovela. Episode 2: Mistral The Flashbacks To get started on this story, we really have to go back a few years. I started university in 2015 and I have to admit that it...

    0 by Marie, one year ago
  • Experience of travelling inside europe

    During my stay in portugal, i had one time a crazy idea about trying to travel to another country from Portugal for very low prices ; as having a student Visa, we have the right to discover any other city that belongs to another country as long as  it belongs to...

    0 by Marwa, one year ago
  • Marseille II - The sense of colonization

    Palais du Pharo The Palais du Pharo is designed by Lefuel architect Napoleon Tertiary to be built on a hill next to the sea called Pharo in Marseille. I went to the mansion as advised by the hostel receptionist, because from this mansion has a nice view overlooking the...

    2 by Hoàng, 2 years ago
  • Marseille I - The sense of colonization

    Marseille strange but familliar Having visited northern France, I was in Paris then I visited the famous Mont Saint Micheal Castle, but I have not yet felt the colonial atmosphere in France which bridges the relationship between Vietnam and France. Is the beginning of...

    2 by Hoàng, 2 years ago
  • Welcome

    Welcome to this blog, that was born from the idea of helping, from my experience, to all those who are going to carry out the Erasmus scholarship in Marseille, France. I am going to post summaries of the days I spend here, and some tips that will be useful when coming...

    0 by Michela, 3 years ago
  • Diary: Week 1

    Alright, after two post in a row of tips about Marseille, it is now time to talk about how things are going for me personally. Let's go: The 13th of September my friend Maria and I arrived in Marseille, at the MP2 airport (which we already talked about in another post),...

    0 by Michela, 3 years ago

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