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  • Road to Mannheim: much more than Primark!

    If you're staying in Heidelberg, at least once you'll go to Mannheim. In just 15 minutes by train ( or 45 minutes by tram n. 5), you'll arrive in this modern and busy town.  Heidelberg's alter ego willl perfectly suit to all those who are looking for more than just "a...

    0 by Michela, 3 years ago
  • Nightlife in Mannheim

    Here's some information and tips about going out in Mannheim! Student nights Every Monday evening from 8pm until late, VISUM runs an event called Stammtisch in the L3 cafe near uni. The cafe turns into a nice bar at night, with areas to sit outside and pretty cheap...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago
  • Shopping in Mannheim

    Some information and advice on where to shop in Mannheim. Food There aren't really any big supermarkets in the centre of Mannheim, but there are still a few good options for food shopping. Rewe is the nicest supermarket I've found. There's one near to the university at...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago
  • Getting around in Mannheim

    A few tips for getting around in Mannheim. On foot The centre of Mannheim itself isn't actually too big, so it's possible to get around on foot quite easily within the quadrats! You just need to familiarise yourself with the grid system; it's a little odd at first but...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago
  • Do I need to be able to speak German?

    If you're considering studying in Mannheim for your year abroad, but can't speak a single word of German, this post will hopefully ease any worries you may have! Source First of all, most people in Mannheim have at least a basic understanding of English so you should...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago
  • Places to eat in Mannheim, Germany

    Source Here are a few of my favourite places to eat in Mannheim! OhJulia Cuisine: Italian Location: Q6, 6 Price: ££ OhJulia is a really lovely Italian restaurant at the Q6-Q7 shopping centre. It has outside seating, and a nice interior with a bar. It's perfect for...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago
  • Top 10 Tips to find accommodation!

    Finding accommodation is a major part of preparing for your year abroad, and can end up having a huge impact on your overall experience. Having struggled a little to find accommodation in Mannheim, I thought it would be useful to share my experience and advice! Read on...

    0 by Rhian, 3 years ago

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