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Jeremy's experience in Lyon, France

How's living in the city of Lyon? Would you recommend it? How's the city?

Lyon is a very nice city. There is always something to do. It is multi-cultural, there are many museums, international events and as a young student, you never get bored.

Since I have always lived in Lyon, I cannot recommend it. Education is very good, our universities are well-known worldwide, they offer any course and qualified people find jobs easily (it is an advantage as France is in crisis)

How's students' atmosphere in Lyon?

Very good. I am not the kind of person who always likes partying, so I am not necessarily a person who can give advice, but my friends like partying more than I do so they can prove me right.

There are unlimited pubs, nightclubs and Lyon remains one of the birthplaces of electronic music.

For fans of acoustic music, the district of Croix Rousse welcomes many little groups of musicians playing the guitar, sax and so on.

Jeremy's experience in Lyon, France


What is the living cost in Lyon?

Let's remember that Lyon is the second city of France. So, this means that the living cost is relatively high.

For students who want to live in the active districts of Lyon, you should not be afraid of spending a lot from your budget. However, the benefits offered in France can reduce the bill.

If you go out at night time, the pubs are free, but you have to pay to go clubbing. However, you can still have a nice evening without spending a €50 note!

Is it hard to find accommodation in Lyon? Any advice?

To be honest, no. There are unlimited advertisements regarding accommodatioon.

However, there is only one youth hostel and hotels are expensive.

I can give you the following advice: if you are planning to stay in Lyon for several days or an entire year, don't wait until you are in Lyon to find accommodation, or make sure you have a budget while waiting to find something.

How is the local food? What are your favourite plates?

Lyon represents cultural food. Type "Bocuse" and "bouchon Lyonnais" on the Internet, this will give you an idea of what our food looks like.

I would recommend you to shop from the shops at the Croix Rousse or somewhere else.

What places would you recommend to see in Lyon?

Cathédrale de Fourvière, the Opéra, Place Bellecour, the Abode of Chaos, the Museum of Fine Arts, parc de la Tête d'Or, the hill of Croix Rousse, quais de Saône and Rhône, the Confluence district, Vieux Lyon and many more places.

Jeremy's experience in Lyon, France


What about places to eat in Lyon? Can you tell us your favourite places?

I will let you make up your minds.

Where would you recommend to go to Lyon?

On the ferry, the quais of Rhône and Vieux Lyon

What would you recommend to future Erasmus students in Lyon?

Regardless of what people say about the French and Lyonnais' mentality, it is a very welcoming city, you just need to get used to our mentality.

Don't hesitate to speak to people, if you are lucky to meet good people, believe me, you may do things that you would never have imagined before.

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