Experience in Luxembourg, Luxembourg by Kevin

How did you find the town of Luxembourg to live in? Do you recommend it? What is the town like?

The town of Luxembourg is very beautiful, it has both fortresses and modern architecture. It is very multicultural thanks to the large number of foreigners in Luxembourg. Good cuisine from all around the world. The evenings, however, are not very good, as it's expensive to go out in the evening and you can count the number of nightclubs on one hand. The Rives de Clausen are not what they used to be. But there are still places worth going to. To visit, I recommend the town, the North of the country and the landscape around the Moselle; Luxembourg also has a large number of castles!

Experience in Luxembourg, Luxembourg by Kevin


What is student life like in Luxembourg?

It is not comparable to a student life in another country, it is very poorly developed.

What is the cost of living in Luxembourg?

Very expensive but if you have a Luxembourg salary, then it's okay.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Luxembourg? Do you have any advice to give?

Accommodation in Luxembourg is very very expensive, I advise you to find student accommodation.

Experience in Luxembourg, Luxembourg by Kevin


Which areas in Luxembourg do you recommend seeing?

Casemates, the old town (Grund), the different castles...

Which areas do you recommend going out in, in Luxembourg?

Limbo, Gloss, Rives de Clausen

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