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How to Survive: The Ljubljana issue

Published by Antria Kosmetatou — one year ago

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Visiting a country for the very first time, needs a lot of preparation, planning and list making. If you are a rational human being. Not like myself. Due to my university exams, i had less than a week to get ready, say goodbye to my friends and have an emotional birthday party for my dog. Basically I had two days for packing. Listed below you will find the top 5 advice that I would appreciate if someone had given me while I was getting ready.


  • Friendly advice No1: “Honey, don’t listen to your mom, you are not going to Alaska”. While I was getting ready for my trip to Ljubljana I made two deadly mistakes. I went shopping with my mom and packed my things with her. I actually end up buying so many jumpers and sweaters that my luggage looked like I was preparing for a 3 month camping at the top of the Alps. I can’t say that Slovenia is a warm country but during autumn is not as dramatic, as my mom. So, if you plan to visit Ljubljana or Slovenia in general during automn, a coat will be just fine.
  • Friendly advice No2: Always have un umbrella with you. The weather in Ljubljana can be a little unpredictable, and believe me wet look, looks good only when intended.
  • Friendly advice No3: Hairspray will be your BFF. For real. Ljubljana loves humidity but your hair won’t honey. I have really curly hair and everyday I look like the clown from IT. Not a pleasant thing to watch when you wake up.
  • Friendly advice No4: Get your hiking boots. Slovenia is for hikers. If you love hicking, you don’t smoke and you don’t think about food all the time you should definitely join the local hicking groups.
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  • Friendly advice No5: Bring your dog(z). I was surprised when I arrived and I realised that Ljubljana is one of the most pet friendly cities I have ever been to. So, if your dog is a normal one and not like mine who could hump anything, get it to join you. You will both enjoy it. Trust me.

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