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Erasmus Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Justine

Why did I choose Ljubljana?

Slovenia interested me because it is a beautiful country that is still unacknowledged, the local population speaks very good English (asset for the studies) and it is where the nature lovers often find their happiness. But it's also the city of Ljubljana that drew me here, thanks to its large student population of 64, 000, Its many activities, the courses offered at the university and the cost of living facility.

How long is your stay? How much help do you receive?

My stay here is 2 semester (I have already done 4 months).

Help: Around 350 euros per month.

Erasmus Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Justine


How is the student atmosphere in Ljubljana?

The Erasmus network and the campus network do not miss: trips to Slovenia and neighbouring countries organized for students, sports activities and cultural clubs offered by the university, student parties several times a week and other more casual events.

Would you recommend the city and university of Ljubljana to other students?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it!

How is the food in this country?

I'm not a fan of Slovenian cuisine: lots of sausages, meats, cold cuts, cabbage, heavy pastries... But there's always a way to find a good gostilna (local bistro) where you can enjoy cheap pasta dishes, good soups and simple, rustic dishes with vegetables.

Have you had any trouble finding accommodation in Ljubljana?

No, thanks to HousingAnywhere. However I recommend you look for accommodation on the spot and ESPECIALLY to visit it (very important), to avoid being mislead, not to have any bad surprises on arrival.

Other means: the international university office, the Erasmus Student Network Ljubljana (ESN Ljubljana) If not, local sites will also allow you to find accommodation.

Another solution: word of mouth (not a bad solution if you want to be a roommate). There is always a way!

What is the cost of living in Ljubljana?

Transportation is cheap (2O euro / month the bus card) compared to France and student bonds allow you to go to the restaurant 20 times a month without breaking the bank.

The cheapest supermarkets are: Hofer and Lidl.

If you like to cook, go to vegetable and fruit markets! Cheap and local.


How is learning the language? Have you been to language classes organized by the university?

I learned some basics in Slovenian thanks to an intensive session which took place all the month of September, and which brought me credits. (I recommend it) It is proposed by Ljubljana Faculty of Letters before the beginning of each semester.

Otherwise, there is a way to take Slovene lessons during the semester (less letters) less intensive.

I thought I would never learn a little of Slovene, but this intensive session proved to be the opposite, thanks to a very good teacher.

What is the most economical way to get to Ljubljana from your city?

There are many ways to get to Ljubljana. The cheapest are:

  • Take the train Brest-Paris and Paris-Ljubljana passing through Munich.
  • Otherwise, low-cost airplanes Paris-Ljubljana can be found in Munich, or low-cost Paris-Venice followed by a bus Venice-Ljubljana (Go Euro, Flix Bus, etc)
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    Which places would you recommend to party in Ljubljana?

  • Pubs: The Cutty Sark / Holiday's Pub / Sax Pub
  • Bars: Gajo Jazz Club / Joe Peña's / Cantina Mexicana / Captian's Cabin / Sputnik / SEM Kavarna / Ziferblat (very cozy)
  • Concerts: Orto Bar / Kolibri Koktail Bar / Celica Hostel / Stozice Arena / Metelkova / Kino Siska
  • Bars / boxes: Shooter's / Top Six / Klub K4 / Companeros / Pr'Skelet
  • Not to mention the Campus site (food stalls, outdoor concerts) and the dance evenings almost every night (BTC, Sputnik, SEM, the dorms that I past... ).

    And to eat in Ljubljana? What are your favorite places?

    Thanks to student bonds (bonus for students) who offer big discounts on restaurants (up to 20 times per month per student), I was able to enjoy a lot of restaurants, including this:

  • Skuhna (cuisine du monde)
  • Cantina Mexicana
  • Namaste
  • Wok
  • Gostilna Pod Lipo
  • Greffino and Puffy'Lil Pancake (for Chococlate and sweet fans)
  • And what cultural visits do you recommend?

  • Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski Grad)
  • The National Gallery (Narodna Galerija)
  • Tivoli Park and its castle
  • Advice for future students in Ljubljana?

    YOLO! (You Only Ljubljana Once)

    And do not forget to take a walk in the countryside and around the beautiful countries! ;)

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