Accommodation for students in Ljubljana & Cost of living

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In Ljubljana it is common for students to share a room. The University of Ljubljana offers this service to the exchange students so that you will definitely have a place to stay when you come to study. As these rooms are in the dormitories and you share one room with a person, it might easily happen that you only pay 100€ to 150€ rent a moth.

There are four areas where the dormitories are located in the city: Bežigrad, Šiška, Center and Vič. The dormitory Rožna dolina is well known among students. It is located close to the Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, so you can go running there, have a nice walk or just enjoy a good book in the sun. Also the sports area is there, so if you signed up for sports courses or just want to go to the gym, it is only some footsteps away. Another famous dormitory is the one at Bežigrad. It is close to some faculties, e. g. faculty of economics, of social science, of education and of social work. Therefore students try to get a place in this dorm that they do not have to take a long way to get to their courses. Usually the kitchen and the bathroom is shared with more people than just your roommate.

If you want to find Accommodation for students in Ljubljana check these University dorms Ljubljana and choose the one you prefer!

The life in the dormitories is loud, sometimes chaotic and you can definitely share some stories after you lived there. So if you prefer living in a more quiet area without floor parties every second day and without having to share your room with another person that will be there all the time, you can also rent a single room in a flat of course.

Shared flats

Finding a single room in a shared flat is not so easy in Ljubljana as the University does not provide any rooms in private accommodations. That is why you could find useful to look for your Erasmus student housing through Erasmusu. Among the different Accomodations for students Ljubljana, you will certainly find the perfect one for you!

Also the Student Organisation in Ljubljana is helping the students with the search. They give you websites to look at and show you offers you can go to. On Erasmusu, for example, it is possible to find Rooms for rent in shared flats Ljubljana. The prices of the single rooms are higher than the ones in the dormitories, between 220€ and 300€. If you are lucky, you will have a big kitchen, a living room and/ or a balcony as well to use which is nice if you want to have a dinner with people or study with your books outside. Otherwise you could choose to rent an Entire property Ljubljana and then look for your ideal flatmates, or rent one of the amazing Studios Ljubljana if you're looking for a solution that allows you to live by yourself.

Cost of living

Compared to other countries in the EU, Slovenia is cheap. Not as cheap as Turkey or Poland, but definitely not as expensive as France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries and Germany. As always it depends on the rent how much you spend in a month with all of the living costs. In total you would be around 400-600€ a month including the rent, food, eating in restaurants, having drinks and doing some trips.


Food in general is not that expensive as well. Lidl and Aldi settled down in Ljubljana with some big stores so buying food there is probably the best option. Be aware that Aldi is called Hofer in Slovenia. The food in the shops is a bit more expensive than in the countries the shops come from, but probably because they import everything from Austria and Germany. You can also find Mercator and Spar in Ljubljana, some supermarkets that have the products you might need. You will definitely find some products for Slovenia in Mercator, but also Lidl and Hofer have some products you might not know in your country. In Slovenia you will not have to go to a certain shop to buy alcohol, the supermarkets sell it too. You should be aware of the opening hours of the shops.

Usually the big ones are opened from 8.00am until 9.00pm from Monday until Saturday and from 8.00am until 3.00pm on Sundays. Be aware of the holidays in Slovenia, there are 13 state holidays and 4 work-free days in Slovenia:

  • 1st and 2nd of January, New Year
  • 8th of February, Prešeren Day
  • Easter Sunday and Monday (the dates vary each year)
  • 27th of April, Day of Uprising Against Occupation
  • 1st and 2nd of May, May Day Holiday
  • 25th of June, Statehood Day
  • 17th of August, Assumption Day
  • 31st of October, Reformation Day
  • 1st of November, Day (of Remembrance) of the Dead
  • 25th of December, Christmas
  • 26th of December, Independence and Unity Day

SIM Card

As a student from Ljubljana University you get a SIM Card for free from the Student Organisation, you just have to go there and pick it up. As most of the international students have this provider, writing SMS and calling is cheap. Also you can upload your account at any kiosk, just say what provider you have and how much money you want to put on your account. Since Summer 2017 it is possible to use the same rate abroad you are using in your own country (at least in the EU). So I guess many students will just stick to their provider and rate then if they can use it in Slovenia as well.

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