Ljubljana in 3 days – what to see and do in 3 days

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  11. Day trips from Ljubljana – Places to visit and Excursions around Ljubljana
  12. Ljubljana in 3 days – what to see and do in 3 days

Day 1


Why not take a Free Walking Tour in Ljubljana to get to know the town from a local perspective and see all the important buildings and places? The tour duration is about 2-2,5 hours, you see the most important sights of the city and a local guide will tell you interesting facts about it (Prešeren Square, Congress Square, Town Square, Triple Bridge, Butchers bridge, Dragons Bridge, Shoemakers bridge, Market, Cathedral, Town Hall, National Library and more). It runs the whole year from mid October until mid June at 11am and from mid June until and mid of October at 11am and 3pm. The meeting point is in front of the pink church at Prešeren Square, the tour is in English and at the end you give the guide a donation for his presentation, as much as you think the tour was worth it. Bring an umbrella and a jacket with you on grey days, you might never know how the weather will change.

After the tour you could go eating lunch somewhere. If you have the studentski boni, Radha Govinda might be a good option, as well as getting a Falafel sandwich at Abi Falafel or a sandwich at Tandoori and sit at Ljubljanica to enjoy the views and have something delicious with it. Even if you don’t have the studentski boni system, the sandwiches are not more expensive at Abi Falafel and Tandoori, around 2,50€ to 4€ you will pay.


After walking so much during the day to explore the city, maybe some relaxing time might be nice. On the sunny day, you can take a boat tour on the river either in a traditional wooden boat, in a modern one with glass windows or in a small red one. The duration of all the tours is about 1 hour and it costs 8€ for adults. You can ask for a student price of course. The boats start either from the Breg embankment pier, the Ribji trg pier or the pier at Gallusovo nabrežje embrakement. After that you could go to Špica, enjoy a coffee or cake outside and have a nice chat or just read a book and relax.

For the evening, you can go out again for eating or just buy something in the supermarkets and eat at home. As entertainment program, it depends what day it is of the week. On Monday you could go to Zoo and enjoy some Jazz music over a drink, on Wednesday you could go to Prulček for some live music or to the Cutty Sark Pub to enjoy some stand up comedy (probably in Slovenian though). On Sunday you could go to Daktari and check if they have Open Mic and on Friday or Saturday you can go partying.

Day 2


After a nice breakfast you might want to enjoy some nature time close to the city. You can take the bus no. 8 that runs every hour from Slovenska cesta and get off at Taken. From there you can walk up Šmarna Gora to get a great view over the city of Ljubljana and the surroundings. As it will be lunch time, you either sit down at the wooden benches and eat some sandwiches you brought with you or go to the restaurant on top of the hill and enjoy some traditional Slovenian food or something else you like. After the lunch you might like to walk around a little, have a look at the church and ring the bell to make your wish.


When you are back in the city it might be nice to go shopping. You can have a slow wander around the streets in the old town, buy some post cards in the book shops, try some clothes and search for souvenirs from Slovenia. Maybe you stop at Cacao to get an ice cream or at Kavarna Zvezda to eat some cake. You might walk up the castle hill then, so that you explore the old building, the courtyard and the tower of it. Feel free to do a guided tour or just visit the castle without a guide. In the evening maybe it is time for some traditional Slovenian food. Go to Gostilna Sokol at Ciril-Metodov trg 18 and try their famous mushroom soup in a bread bowl or the grilled squid filled with smoked ham and cheese. After that you can see if you still feel like doing something, for example watching a movie at Kolosej or Kinodvor.

Day 3


This day might be a day full of culture. Go to the museums you are interested, e. g. the National Museum of Contemporary History, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Illusions or the Museum of Contemporary Art. Visit some galleries if you feel like it, e. g. the National Gallery of Slovenia, Jakopič Gallery or the Alkatraz Gallery in Metelkova. After that you might want to eat some African or Asian food at Skuhna or eat Mexican at Cantina Mexicana.


It’s the last hours you are enjoyining the capital of Slovenia so why not going to Tivoli Park and walking up Rožnik hill to see the pink chapel, have a wander around and come back down again to the south side of Tivoli where you can have a look at the rose garden? You might want to rest a little after that at Daktari or Ziferblat, enjoying a good book in the first one or playing some board games in the second. Maybe Ziferblat even has an event going on like a vegan food night or a workshop to talk about how to travel with a low budget around in Europe. For dinner, having a pizza around the corner at FoculuS might be an idea, otherwise the Indian restaurant Taj Mahal is nice as well, you can sit on the floor and enjoy some spicy Indian dishes.

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