Ljubljana neighbourhoods – The most important districts of Ljubljana

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As Ljubljana is not the biggest city in the world, it does not have many districts either. Most of them are living areas, then we have the city centre (of course), some districts with commercial shopping opportunities and some areas in which you can enjoy the nature. The City Municipality of Ljubljana comprises 17 districts:

  1. Bežigrad District
  2. Center District
  3. Črnuče District
  4. Dravlje District
  5. Golovec District
  6. Jarše District
  7. Moste District
  8. Polje District
  9. Posavje District
  10. Rožnik District
  11. Rudnik District
  12. Sostro District
  13. Šentvid District
  14. Šiška District
  15. Šmarna Gora District
  16. Trnovo District
  17. Vič District

Here are the most important ones...

The Bežigrad District

Within this district, student life goes on. It is situated in the north of the city and it is a residential district. You will recognise it because of the skyscrapers and the industrial look this district has. If you feel like grocery shopping or need some little things for you new home, at Vienna street there is an area with a lot of shops and businesses. Furhtermore, if you study Business, Politics or want to become a teacher, on your way to the classes, many of the student departments are to be found in Bežigrad e. g. the Department of Economics, the Department of Social Science, the Department of Social Work and the Department of Education. To make the student life a perfect experience, you also find the student dormitories here and they are quite known among students for living and partying at the same time. So if you feel like wanting to try the dormitory experience with a lot of parties, a short way to classes and a nice cantine in the Department of Social Science in which you can eat pizza, drink coffee or just enjoy the sun sitting outside and chatting, this district might be right for you. Moreover, you find the Bežigrad Stadium here, it is the oldest stadium in Ljubljana but closed since 2008. There are plans to renovate it, so maybe one day you can watch a football match there again. There is a big graveyard in this district (to the east), you can visit it if you want.

Center District

In the Center District you find the most important touristic points of interest. Therefore this district is perfect for a free day to wander around and see all the interesting things Ljubljana has to offer. You can take a walk along the river, in Summer with ice cream and in Autumn with a hot coffee to go. From the river you can have a look up the hill and see the beautiful castle of Ljubljana, which is lightened in the night. In the Old Town, there is always the possibility to go to little shops, sit down for a hot beverage or eat something nice in local restaurants. Furthermore at Kongesni trg you will find the main building of the university, which might be your first stop when you arrive in Ljubljana because you get your student card there and all the important information for you studies. Prešeren Square with the three bridges and the pink church is a famous meeting point for people and in Tivoli Park you can go running, enjoy reading a book or see some art exhibition installations. As I already said, if you want to explore the city, this is probably the district to go to. Furthermore on Sundays you can enjoy the flea market at the riverside and if you like books (also in English or other foreign languages), you will find some secondhand book stores in which you can explore. For the clothes shopping and cosmetica, H&M, Zara or Müller are the best places to go to. And if you want to send a parcel to you family or friends because of a birthday or because you want to send away some stuff you do not need anymore, the main post office is just at the opposite of Müller. For entertainment you will find Parlament Pub or Skeleton, two of the most famous student bars/ clubs in Ljubljana. But if you feel more alternative, Metelkova might be a good opportunity, a lot of concerts are to be held here as well as clubs open at night.

Rožnik District

For someone who is more into nature and some quite living area, this district might be right option. It is southwest in Ljubljana and you find the other part of Tivoli park, in which you can walk up the Rožnik hill among with a lot of other locals that like being outside. You will get a nice view over the city from the hill as well and there is a restaurant if you are in need for a coffee or want to eat something traditional Slovenian. For animal friends, you will find the Ljubljana Zoo with a lot of interesting animals to explore. It is not so expensive for students and worth a visit if you like Zoos. After Bežigrad, in this district you will find the second famous dormitory in Ljubljana (Rožna Dolina). Of course, partying is possible here as well and the students are very lively and like to get to know each other. So you will not be lonely by living in this dormitory. And if you feel like becoming active in sports, the sports centre is just next to the dorm. A lot of students go there to the gym or sports classes and use Tivoli as a nice running area. Furthermore a river goes along in this district which you can follow by having a nice walk. If you study Biology, Chemistry, do laboratory work etc. the Technology Park is situated in this district and easy to get to with the bike. But if you rather like to live in smaller flats in which it is a bit more quiet, this district is perfect for it, as it has a a living area of small houses and quite some students find shared flats here.

Rudnik District

You find Rudnik in the southeast of Ljubljana and it inhabits a big field area in the surroundings of the capital. This might be nice for bike tours or walks around the city if you feel like that. Furthermore, if you are into shopping, you will find a big shopping area in this district with a lot of shops such as OBI, Bauhaus, Lidl and Hofer, Eurospin EKO, Sports Direct, Tedi, Promod, Tom Tailor, H&M etc. Therefore you will find interior for your room (if you still need some) and of course clothes if you could not take all of your clothes with you and need a warm hoodies or a light summer T-Shirt. Also you find the botanical garden in this district in which you can have a nice breakfast in a little café and explore all the different kinds of plants they have in this area. For living it is nice and quite, but for students that have their departments in Bežigrad, to live in Rudnik might be a bit far away. You would have to bike at least 30min to get to your courses. If you want to live in a quiet surrounding with a lot of family houses and have no problem with biking some time until you are at the University, this is a nice district. But if you feel like wanting to have everything close to you, maybe than the city centre, Rožnik or Bežigrad might be better for you.

Jarše District

The last district I present is the one with the BTC shopping center, so shopping addicts will be happy here. It is located in the east of Ljubljana and many buses go there as a lot of people go to this big shopping area to get something. While you can get everything for your home (blanket, mirror, ski, shoes and so on and so forth), garden etc., you can also eat something there, do your groceries and even go to the cinema if you feel like watching a movie for one evening. It is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural centers in Europe with over 450 shops, over 70 bars and restaurants, the Atlantis Water Park and the Cinema. The Atlantic Water Park is nice to go to if you want to swim inside, they have a whirlpool, an outdoor swimming area and a big waterslide as well. It is a really big area and going there with friends might be the best option as you can get lost easily but they also have a map everywhere and you can also ask the people on the streets or the shop owners if you are not sure about your way back to the bus station anymore. Of course it has the vibrant atmosphere of a true shopping area which might be stressful and exhausting at some point but also you’ll definitely find what you need.

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