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Erasmus blog Leeuwarden

  • Research restaurants Leeuwarden

    For a school assignment of Stenden, me and a group of students have completed this research of different restaurants in Leeuwarden.  Restaurant Staff Quality Dimensions in the Restaurant Service Industry in Leeuwarden Abstract The mail goal of this research is to...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Working out

    There are different ways to practice sports in Leeuwarden. You can go to the gyms like Basic fit, Fit for Free, or My Healthclub, but there are more ways to work out.  Student Sport Next to the NHL Stenden campus, there is a special student gym placed, with special...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Leeuwarden's nightlife (18+)

    For the people that have turnt 18, the Netherlands is great, since the entry age to all clubs is mostly 18+, at least in Leeuwarden they are. I will describe my favorite bars and clubs below. Bars (Doelesteeg) Next to the nightclubs of Leeuwarden, a special street is...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Hotspots in town

    Leeuwarden has a booming hospitality business, there a loads of cute and cozy cafes, restaurants and hotels to stay. I will name my favorite hotspots and secret places below.  Cafes  DE coffeebar A cozy coffeebar in the middle of the city with views over the famous...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Leeuwarden, the city

    Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland, it is situated in the north of the Netherlands. It has around 100.000 inhabitants. From which more than half is a student, so it is a great city for socializing with students. Leeuwarden is the biggest city of the eleven Frisian...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Amsterdam excursion

    When we were new here, Stenden university organized an excursion to Amsterdam, and i went with my friend Lidia. There we met all this people that now are very good friends of us. Eva and Juan come back to their countries!

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Alberto`s Birthday

    This was the birthday of Alberto (a boy from Andalucia, Spain). Lidia and me give him a little surprise with a letter, a little present and the green thing he has in the photo. You can see that is from spain for the flag that is in our back!

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Firsts parties

    This is one of the first parties in my residence, from this photo only Julio, Lidia and me continue here the rest come back to their countries. You can see that was in September because some of us were very brown! now we are like Casper not normal white! I want the...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Dinner in Siiri and Valterri house

    Siiri and Valterri are the couple with the glasses (the blond girl). They are from Finland and live in a house alone. When we come at first all of us (the people in the photo) were like a little family and sometimes we used to go to their home to prepare a dinner or a...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Finally without exams

    Yesterday i was so tired that i couldnt come here to write any post. In the afternoon i slept 4 hours then i was preparing the dinner. I tried to see a movie before i went to sleep but... i couldnt finish it, jeje, so... today i am really good, i am completly full of...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Murphy

    Having a bad day…. bad luck.. Hmmmmm….. Bad luck is something that seems to haunt people and I'm sure that all of you assume that you have the worst luck; nothing ever goes the way that you plan. I'm also very sure that none of you can exactly pinpoint where your...

    0 by Dey, 11 years ago
  • I want the weekend come

    I am preparing to go to sleep and i am thinking in the weekend in Dalfsen (the town of my boyfriend), with the sun and finally i can do a little of sport and relax doing nothing!

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Good night!!!

    Today is the last day of study for this period. Tomorrow i have an exam but i am not very sure i will pass, is more hard than the one i had yesterday! puffff I am afraid because i need to repeat an exam from the last period and if i failt another now the last period...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Parallel life

    Sometimes i feel like i am living a parallel life with Spain. In reality is like this, because i am not there now, and the life in my town continue without me (is normal, jeje), but i feel like i am in another world, i cant explain, like i am in the house of big...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Curtains

    I do not know if something similar happened, but in my dorm maintenance enter the rooms when they want. The other day I was wearing, and I had the lock position. I hear the door and I will be my partner or someone you know and no, it was the maintenance man who has keys...

    0 by Dey, 11 years ago
  • Ambulance

    Now i have just listened an ambulance in my street and my friend and me were thinking that must to be something very important because when my friend was unconcious that time that i told you we went to the hospital and they told us that they cant come if it is not...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Party tomorrow!!!

    When i finish the exam tomorrow and the presentation (oral exam), i will go out and enjoy really a lot, because since the last thursday i did not go out any day... so imagine how much i want!

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Sports here

    Hello, I did some zumba lessons to see if it was good in a gym. They had a discount in the price for students. But it appear to cost a lot more than i expected and i didnt wanted to do this. So i heard from a friend that i can do sports as many as i want every day for...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • facebook, skype and tuenti

    I noticed, that when you go to an Erasmusu, it is very neccesary to have the facebook and skype and tuenti, I always update them every day and the people that are at home and your friends can always speak with you and see your photos. The skype is very very good to not...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago
  • Lelystad

    Lelystad is a city near the IJsselmeer, this lake i told you before, is seperated from the sea after world was II. The dutch people putted a dike in the middle. But i heard of the city Lelystad because it appear to have one of the best 3D cinema's in The Netherlands. I...

    0 by Lidia, 11 years ago

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