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  • Study languages

    I am trying to learn good English and i improved really a lot since i came here. This is normal because i can only communicate with my boyfriend in english. Now my boyfriend and me are doing spanish and we see that this is not easy for someone that is not very good in...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Mousse extermination

    Finally today i was in the kitchen with friends and someone from the SSH (short stay hotels) come to our kitchen and was looking for where to put traps for the mousses. I dont like the mousse anything, so the man put away the surrounding of the kitchen cabinet and we...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • watching a movie

    My boyfriend and me sometimes want to see a movie, we like a lot to do this. But in my residence, there is only 1 person that can use the internet in every room. So my boyfriend downloads a movie in his home and takes the laptop always to my home. But then, in spain we...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Hair paint

    Hello! I am with a color in my hair and my boyfriend always put color in the hair of his mother, the blonde locs. Now some time ago, he painted my hair and it was good, at first we were thinking it takes to much time because we needed to do all the hair, but finally the...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Exams boyfriend

    Hello everybody! Today i heard from my boyfriend that he pass two exams that he failed before. 1 exam he did for the 4th time and 1 exam for the 3 time. I tried to make him study a lot and i helped him with the work he needed to do, one of the exams was an exam where...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Madurodam

    I heard of a special place here in The Netherlands some days ago. It is a city that is made on a scale that is 10 times more little than the real scale. In this city you see buildings, people, dogs and everything you can imagine, only in a scale of minus 10! I would...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • weekend weather

    I just heard some hours ago that this weekend it will be more or less 24 degrees here in Holland. I am very happy for this, finally a little bit better weather, compared to today or how it will be tomorrow... The Netherlands is the best, but for the climate is better to...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • In Kanaalstraat

    This photo is in my residence in the;sotano; that we have space to do parties. It was the birthday of Abu (a coordinator from Short Stay Solutions). It was a little strange, but it was funny!

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Raining

    With the good weather that we have had this week and now is raining really a lot! I need to put the light of my bedroom to study because the sky is completly dark! Is better for me, because if i am studying and i see the sun outside i cant concentrate, jeje.

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Studying again

    Tomorrow i have the last exam for this period (i dont know if you have like me the year divided in 4 periods, i am in the 3th now). And after this i will have an appointment with my coordinator here and finally an oral exam from the other module, so... tomorrow i have a...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Dinner in italian restaurant

    Here i am with some spanish student, one boy from Portugal, another from Poland and a girl from Holland. We were having fun with the dinner and then we ate the dessert in the Mcdonals (McFlurry) jejeje

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Going out Prag

    Another photo with part of the pack, Li. This is in Prag in a very big club with 5 floors. It was a great night. You can see that we are very good friends. I love you liiii

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Good news!!!

    Today the coordinator of my boyfriend said to him that probably he can do an intership in Tarifa, we are very happy because finally someone try to help us. But we are looking for more things in the islands too. I am very enthusiastic with the idea of going with him 6...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Utrecht

    Everybody say utrecht is a good place to go, my boyfriend went there some times and it has a lot of good restaurants and bars. You can be there as a student and have a very good time because it is good to go out for! The city has a new part and an old part, in the old...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Arnhem

    I went to Arnhem with my boyfriend. Arnhem is a big city with realy a lot of shops, a very good place to do shopping and a nice place to go. The city is near an important river with a lot of boats and a lot of activity. The city is with a centre that is very beautifull,...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Zwolle

    I went with my boyfriend to Zwolle, a city near Dalfsen where he live. The city is more or less like leeuwarden. The buildings are more old and the city is more green than leeuwarden. Zwolle is a good place to buy clothes and it has a lot of bars and restaurants. The...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Sorprise of my boyfriend

    Today, i was studying with a friend and the day was not anything productive, i couldnt concentrate and was doing more or less nothing like always that i tried to study. But i didnt know that something very special will happen. My boyfriend that live one hour from here,...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Dalfsen

    Dalfsen is a little town, my boyfriend live there. It has a main street with the shops and for the rest 2 bars and a lot of churches. If the weather is good, it is a good place to relax or walk your dog, because it is with a lot of nature.

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • Groningen

    I went to groningen and i will tell a little something about groningen. Groningen is a big city with a lot of inhabitants, the city is full of students and the bars are open 24 hours in the day. The city is good to party, but less good to buy clothes.

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago
  • method of study

    In your university doing erasmos the method of study is more practical or theorical?. In Van Hall Institut, my university in Leeuwarden everything is more practical. I think is a very good kind of learning, because in Spain I have a lot of theorical classes but then...

    0 by Lidia, 10 years ago

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