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Working out

There are different ways to practice sports in Leeuwarden. You can go to the gyms like Basic fit, Fit for Free, or My Healthclub, but there are more ways to work out. 

Student Sport

Next to the NHL Stenden campus, there is a special student gym placed, with special student prices. You can work out in the gym, participate in group sports such as basketball and even pole fitness or work with a personal trainer. They are not that expensive, especially not for students and their offer is huge. It is close to school and most student houses. 


The Bootcamp Club, an organization that organises bootcamp in Leeuwarden, near the Prinsentuin and near NHL. They work with special personal trainers and all levels of stamina are accepted and can be trained. They train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. So for the sporter, that would love to train outside instead of inside, this is a great option. And they are not that expensive, it costs minimum 22 euros per month.

De Blauwe golf (Swimming)

The swimming pool, located close to school and the Student Sport. I love this swimming pool, a lot of different pools, from normal swimming pools, to hot tubs, to streams in the water, to waves, to swimming outside! to hopping on the slide and slide down into the regular pool again. A lot of diversity. It costs around 5 euros per time you want to go in, but you can also get different arrangements of a card that lasts 10 times or other actions. Definetely worth checking out!

Elfstedenhal (Ice Skating)

My favorite working out place in town, the Elfstedenhal. A place to ice skate, you can practice your ice skating skills, and tricks in the middle of the hall. And skate for speed and fun in the outer rings. Usually a quite busy hall. Opened in spring, autumn and during winter. A great option for something different. They have special discounts in the holidays, namely skating one day for only 4 euros. You can bring your own skates or borrow them there for a little price. 

Paddle boarding

In the summer there is the option to go paddle boarding on the waters in the city, across the different canals. A great way to explore the city and to work out at the same time. This is however, only organized in summer, due to water temperature and the normal outside temperature. 

Note: the pictures are taken of the cooperate websites of the sports named above, to give an impression 

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