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Erasmus in Krakow, Poland!

Why did you choose to go to Kraków, Poland?

I hesitated with southern cities like Catania in Sicily and Barcelona in Spain, and finally I left for Kraków, discovering an Eastern European city full of history! The location seemed great for a trip (in the end I always had a hard time leaving the beautiful city of Kraków) and I met people who went there for their Erasmus and loved it. And it's true that just by looking at Google photos of Krakow, it makes you dream!

Erasmus in Kraków, Poland!

How long was your stay? How much money did you receive?

I stayed in Kraków for five months (it's too short) during my second semester, from February until the end of June. I think the first semester is really different from the second because of the weather. I lived two very cold weeks and then changed to mid temperatures, and it was very beautiful the last two months. We were able to bathe several times in the lakes twenty minutes away from the city centre by tram.

I received 1800 euros in all for one semester, not bad at all. If you manage your budget well, it's usually enough in a city like Krakow where the cost of living isn't high. A good pint of beer is a little over 1 euro, that's amazing! For housing, in general, we paid between 200 and 300 euros and we had great apartments! Especially my friends who were often in the city centre and had huge rooms.

How is the student atmosphere in Krakow?

The atmosphere is unbelievable! It's an extremely dynamic city during the day and at night, with a lot of cultural diversity.

Everyone finds what makes them "happy" depending on their tastes. I was roommates with a Spanish girl who went out a lot in reggaeton night clubs, a Dutch guy who attended events organized by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and he had a blast. As for me, I was more interested in techno nights and Kraków is the perfect city for that! There are a lot of night clubs, sometimes in boats, roof parties with a view of Wawel Castle... all for 5 euros max! :-)

Erasmus in Kraków, Poland!

There's always something to do, always night outs, whether at the beginning of the week or on the weekends. There are several Erasmus bars where students often met each other (it wasn't my thing).

In short, you get to meet tons of people in Krakow, and there are always night outs/cultural events! I made a group of great friends very quickly.

Would you recommend the city of Krakow to other students?

Of course! Best experience of my life! I recommend staying there for a year, five months was really short.

How's the food in this country?

Of course it's not French cuisine but there are some really good basic dishes: pierogis for example! I recommend restaurants in Kazimierz, Jewish cuisine is delicious (lots of sweet and savory mixes).

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Krakow?

Not at all, it's pretty simple! I found it on the Erasmus Krakow Facebook page. I ended up with a Spanish girl and a Dutch guy in a super cute flat. The apartment was itself located in a building filled with Erasmus, I lived in a community for five months, it was amazing!

What's the cost of living in Krakow?

Not expensive at all! Very easy to travel, eat well, go out, etc. The risk is spending since nothing is expensive!

What's the most economical way to get to Krakow from your city?

By plane from Paris!

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