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Published by João Miguel Ceriz — 10 years ago

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I went from lisbon, portugal to krakow just by chance. i had not friends that went there before and i planned to go there alone.
my experience was amazing, usually i say that the erasmus experience is fantastic because of the people and not cause of the city.
anyway here i'm writing about the city. krakow has amazing people, (better girls than boys), everybody is very educated, a lot of people speaks english, they are very well prepared to foreign people, as tourists and students.
the city is not very big, but the size is enough to have a castle a small river, amazing historic and cultural places, a lot of clubs and some discos. thousands of students (polish and foreigns).. an amazing community of young people that wants to make friends and have fun.
because of the size, the transportation is very very good. the prices are not very low but are good for a mid class portuguese.

anyway dont think much about the place, just go. you will love it!

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