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Erasmus experience in Krakow, Poland by Manon

Why did you choose to go to Krakow, Poland?

To be able to travel to eastern countries at reduced prices. .

How long is your stay? What financial aid do you receive?

One year, and it depends on your University.

How is the student atmosphere in Krakow?

At my university, they do not look after Erasmus students. But there are organizations like ESN and groups on Facebook that make it possible to meet people from all over the city!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Krakow to other students?

Not my university, but that depends on exchange programmes with French schools.


What's the food like?

It is alright, but I really prefer French food.

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Krakow?

The beginnings were difficult because I did not know if I wanted to share an apartment or live alone.

What are living costs like in Krakow?

Food, going out, the alcohol is really cheap, on the other hand the rents resemble those of some cities in France. For clothes there are the same shops as Zara, Mango.

What's it like learning a language there? Have you done a language course organised by the university?

I have had Polish classes but I am not learning the language. I prefer to concentrate on my English! For everyday life, Polish is a difficult language but you can learn some basic words.

What is the most economical way to get to Krakow from your city?

By plane.

What places would you recommend to party in Krakow?

It depends on the taste of the people, but I love Afera or Prozak.


And to eat in Krakow? What are your favorite places?

For now I have no preference.

And what cultural visits do you advise?

The castle is very beautiful to see, but the interior is a bit boring. The centre of Krakow is very pretty, that's the first thing to see when you arrive in Krakow!

Have you got any advice for future students coming to Krakow?

Krakow is a perfect city for a year abroad! I have not yet travelled, only to Zakopane, but many trips are organized and it is really inexpensive and one can discover cities like Prague, Budapest...


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