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Enjoying the city leisurely in the summer whilst doing my traineeship

I've spent two summer months doing Erasmus+ traineeship in the Krakow University Hospital. It was a unique experience since it was my first time being away from home for a longer period of time.

I was staying in the dormitory D of the Medical college in Krakow. It was a really clean and spacious single room with a private bathroom, kitchenette and weekly cleaning service. I'd like to point out that there weren't many other people staying there during the two months. 

When I took the first stroll through the Stare Miasto, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the condition of the historical buildings, churches and landmarks. After the first week or so I got the hang of the public transportation system which was very punctual and reliable so I explored the other parts of the city. After a while I realised that the city is quite small and it's easy to reach everything with trams quite quickly. There are quite a lot of things to see, some of the things you should definitely not miss are: the main square, Wawel Castle and Cathedral, Kazimierz(with the best places to eat out), the Oscar Schindler factory, St. Joseph's church and lake Zakrzowek.

During my time in Poland, I've done a lot of weekend trips, visiting some of the countries' biggest cities and other notable places such as Auschwitz, Birkenau and the Tatra mountains. I'd definitely recommend everyone to do the same because the railway system in Poland is reasonably quick and affordable. 

I should also mention my time at the hospital which was very good. There were some minor setbacks regarding the language skills of some of the staff, but overall, I'm satisfied with the skills I mastered there.

I also partied a lot because the clubs were open until 5 a.m. There are a lot of clubs to choose from in Krakow, I mostly went to Latino clubs such as Teatro Cubano which I can recommend.

To conclude, Erasmus+ traineeship is definitely not as popular as student mobility, but it's still a special experience that I'd recommend to anyone who has two or three months free during the summer. 

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