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Mokra mačka beach

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The main beach of Koper

Published by Martha S — 4 years ago

Mokra Mačka beach Koper is known as the main beach of Koper. Actually, it is one of only two Koper beaches. Another one is located at Žusterna. Mokra Mačka is literally translated as 'wet pussy'. Why is it called like that? I have no idea, and I asked several people, which also do not know. Before you enter the beach, you will see a bar, which is owned by the current major of Koper, and you can find the jet – set of Koper, having a ( not as expensive as you would expect ) coffe there. The bar has an excellent ice – cream.

The water is not very clean, because there is a port just next to it. There is also a lot of seagrass. But still, a lot of people, especially families with small kids come there. The beach has several lifeguards on duty, so it is safe. Getting into the water can be a bit difficult, if you do not have those special shoes, because there are sharp stones. Or you can get into the water from one of the two piers with stairs at the end.

There are two big plastic pontoons in the water. You can swim there and then sunbathe on it.

What else can you find at the beach?

There are changing facilities right after the beach entrance, and more of them on the other side of the beach. You also have free showers ( indoors and outdoors ) and toilets.

There is a big grassy space with trees that offer shadow, and where people usually put their towels. In spring, when water is not warm enough to swim, people are coming there with their towels, chatting with friends, reading a book, or just getting some sun tan. There is also a small playground for kids in the middle of this space, and a couple of benches.

If you are there by your car, there is a payable parking space just before the entrance to the beach, but if you are smart, you can park for free. Here is the trick: the first hour of parking is free, but you have to put the parking ticket on your windshield anyway. So you just have to go back to your car every hour and change the ticket. But this can be annoying if you would like to enjoy and not check the clock all the time.


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