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Fond of reading books? That's the place for you

Published by Lenoulou Pantoudi — 8 years ago

Rich in various types of books, comics, dvds, cds, newspapers from Finland and abroad, the City Library is a great place to grab a book, rest and read it there. It's quiet, the atmosphere is inspiring and relaxing, it's free and very easy to get a library card. Sometimes, you might also bump into an exhibition in the ground floor of the library; take a moment and have a look at them, if you like arts! As it's located in a very central spot, there's also easy access by bus, as there are many bus stops next to the building. There's also a Sonaatti restaurant inside the library. Internet services are provided as well. There are numerous smaller libraries around the city and also mobile ones.

fond-reading-books-thats-place-fe2fd96adThe picture is from the library in Kortepohja student village.

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