• Fantasia Cinema

    Located in the city center, Fantasia Movie Theater has 6 movie screens and is updated with the latest published movies; Finnish and other, 2D and 3D. The theater is located inside the Jyväskeskus mall, it's next to food stores like Mac Donald's, and clothing stores H&M...

    0 by Lenoulou, 8 years ago
  • City Library

    Rich in various types of books, comics, dvds, cds, newspapers from Finland and abroad, the City Library is a great place to grab a book, rest and read it there. It's quiet, the atmosphere is inspiring and relaxing, it's free and very easy to get a library card....

    0 by Lenoulou, 8 years ago
  • Town Church

    Located in the central park, the Town Church is a place that you should visit regardless of your religion and beliefs. It's architecture both inside and outside is characterized by simplicity; not many decorations or colors, but lots of wood-made things. All these...

    0 by Lenoulou, 8 years ago
  • Museum of Central Finland

    This museum is of the greatest museums I've ever been! The exhibits date from the prehistoric years to the modern history of the 90s. The size of the exhibits ranges from small coins, bank notes or check from the time of the Swedish occupation to big rooms that have...

    0 by Lenoulou, 8 years ago
  • Alvar Aalto Museum

    Finland is famous for it's special design and architecture. This museum is a hymn to the most famous Finnish designer and architect, Alvar Aalto. His innovative designing pattern can be found in many buildings both in Finland and abroad, in furniture and glassware. It...

    0 by Lenoulou, 8 years ago

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