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Pizza Koti

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Pizza Koti

Published by NIkolay Perebyinis — 3 years ago


Finland , Javaskyla 

It was my first trip to Finland , i just walked around the city actually this town is not big , i guess maybe 30 and you can see city centr . 

But by the way , i want tall you about nice pizza cafe which i found approximately 15 by walk from city centr through brig and near S Supermarket you will found this pizza cafe . 

Koti Pizza,  around 13 € you will get really teste pizza i guess it was small size but it's enough for one people to be full of food and plus one beer. So , not bad pizza cafe with nice price and quite nice style and waiters was so kindle . If you will go to Javaskyla in Finland , please visit this place and just enjoy your time with so taste  pizza ))))

see you .

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