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Published by Jan Migenda — 2 months ago

Blog: Super Sicily
Tags: Erasmus blog Italy, Italy, Italy


Tinadri greeted us with this colourful mural ... Italians know their country and their arts!


The famous cathedral looks very modern and fake with its shiny facade ... indeed, it was rebuilt, yet I think it's still beautiful! Inside, they keep a black Madonna statue on which is written "NIGRA SUM SED FORMOSA" - "I AM BLACK YET BEAUTIFUL". Coloured people rights? Well, just the material is black, and the face is not Afro-American. Nice try though ...


The ancient ruins testify the former beauty of the place ...


Columns and walls with palm trees near the theatre made for a beautiful scene ...


Tourist shops everywhere were colourful, yet I did not feel intrigued by the stuff they sold there ... too touristy if you know what I mean.

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