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Published by Jan Migenda — one month ago

Blog: Super Sicily
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Segesta is an archaic settlement that became important in classical antiquity. Verres was in office here and spoiled the town of many artworks, as Cicero found out.


The Temple to Hera (Zeus' wife) remains as one of the most important and massive structures in the area.


Walking on and a uphill, we could see it in its entirety ... it was gigantic!


This huge highway leading to the sea reminds me of a song by Antonello Venditti - Alta marea (1991):

Autostrada deserta                                      A derelict highway
Al confine del mare                                      At the border of the sea
Sento il cuore                                              I hear the heart
Più forte di questo motore                           Louder than this engine

Sigarette mai spente                                   Never extinct cigarettes
Sulla radio che parla                                   On the radio which is talking
Io che guido seguendo                               I who is driving following
Le luci dell'alba                                          The lights of dawn

Lo so lo sai                                                 I know it, you know it
La mente vola                                            The mind flies
Fuori dal tempo                                          Outside of time
E si ritrova sola                                           And finds itself alone
Senza più corpo                                         Without a body
Nè prigioniera                                             Is not a prisoner
Nasce l'aurora                                            The first light of the day rises


Of course, Segesta  also had a great theatre!


Surprisingly, there had been a mosque at Segesta as well, but only foundations remain.

Our next stop should be Solunt ...

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