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Erasmus blog Helsinki

  • Trip to Lapland

    And here it is, the famous trip you've all been waiting for has taken place. As promised, I will tell you all about it. We took the bus on Sunday 11th February at 9 pm in the direction of Vasatokka, a centre for young people where we will stay. The road to Lapland is...

    0 by Charlene, 3 years ago
  • The land of hobbits

    Hello all! During the two weeks spent at Helsinki with the short-term ERASMUS+ programme, our kind hosts kept us always busy and organized fabulous programmes and activities for us. We had several trips, tried Indian food, visited national parks, played team-games, but...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • Combating risk behavior among youngsters

    Hello everyone! In Finland the days started early. The first step after waking up was always going upstairs and enjoying our hostel’s traditional Finnish sauna. There we’ve met tourists from several parts of the world, but mostly Asian people, most of them from...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • Helsinki- first impressions

    Hello all! My next plan –writing about our journey and arrival at Helsinki- is not as easy as I've imagined before. April of 2013 was long time ago, and it's hard to remember what kind of thoughts I had back then. I can remember that all the seven of us were very...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • International, intercultural, interdisciplinary

    Hello all! I've already written about my experiences with ERASMUS+ After Degree Programme, and about a scholarship at Nazareth College, Rochester, New York. Only one scholarship is left to talk about, which was part of Erasmus, but its full name is International Course...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • Nights Out

    Helsinki is a great city for a night out. Admittedly the nightlife is a lot tamer than my home city of London but that is just because it is a smaller city, and on the plus side Helsinki is cheaper for a night out. Source One thing that annoys me is clubs try to trick...

    0 by Daniela, 9 years ago
  • Love Locks

    As anybody who has ever been to Paris will know there is a bridge that crosses the Seine which is competely covered in padlocks. Here couples latch on a padlock and throw the key into the river. Helsinki has it's own version - something which was very surprising to me...

    0 by Daniela, 9 years ago
  • Living in Helsinki

    Hi! I am from London and am currently studying abroad in Helsinki, Finland from January-May 2014 with Erasmus. It is a great city, really beautiful and I thoroughly recommend it as a study abroad location. Tips for Living Cheaply It is no secret that the Nordic...

    0 by Daniela, 9 years ago
  • Studying in Helsinki continues

    Many people say that Finnish people are kind of cold and don't like too much contact, etc. but it's just what it might feel like first. You start understanding Finnish people and when you get to know someone, they usually start talking much more! Finnish people just...

    0 by Miitta, 10 years ago

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