Erasmus Experience in Grenoble, France by Kristina

Why did you choose to go to Grenoble, France?

Because it's very small and close to the mountains. What's more, I heard that the Grenoblois were very kind and welcoming. The management school has a good reputation too.

Erasmus Experience in Grenoble, France by Kristina


How long does your trip last for? How much aid do you receive?

I'm staying here for a year. I receive CAF and the Erasmus money too.

How is student life in Grenoble?

There are lots of students here. In fact, it's very calm when then there aren't any students during the holidays. It's easy to meet students.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Grenoble to other students?

Yes, I would recommend the city of Grenoble and the management school. Being close to the mountains means you can go hiking in summer and skiing in winter. What's more, it's easy to travel because Grenoble is only an hour away from Lyon, which is very well connected. I like the school a lot. There are lots of organisations which regularly organise events.

Erasmus Experience in Grenoble, France by Kristina


How is the country's food?

I love the food. There are lots of very good restaurants where you can try the region's dishes such as 'raclette' and 'tartiflette'.

Erasmus Experience in Grenoble, France by KristinaTartiflette


Did you have any difficulties in finding accommodation in Grenoble?

No, because I found a studio in a student hall before I arrived. However, the school has a 'Welcome desk' at the end of the month of April to help students find accommodation if necessary.

How are living costs in Grenoble?

I don't think the cost of living in Grenoble is very expensive. I don't spend a lot. The shops/supermarkets and the bars aren't expensive. However, my accommodation is expensive.

How is learning the language? Have you been to any language courses organised by the university?

My level of French has already improved a bit. I can understand more than I could when I arrived but I have to improve my spoken French. There are language classes at the school (every week).

What's the most affordable way to get to Grenoble from your city?

By plane to Lyon/Grenoble airport and by car after.

Which places would you recommend to go out and party in Grenoble?

For nightclubs, there isn't a lot of choice but there are several bars which have good music such as 'Sun Valley'. Nevertheless, I would recommend going to nights out organised by the school's associations because there are always lots of students. There are normally nights out every week. There is even a night out at the top of the Bastille!

And to eat in Grenoble? What are your favourite places?

La Ferme à Dédé and Le Blanc Fontaine. There are also lots of good sushi restaurants with dishes to go, such as 'Sushi Party'.

And which cultural visits do you recommend?

Fort de Bastille, Musée de Grenoble and Château de Vizille.

Erasmus Experience in Grenoble, France by KristinaChâteau de Vizille


Any advice to give to future students in Grenoble?

Mix with French people in order to improve your level of French. Travel to some places in proximity such as Chambéryet Annecy. Try the region's dishes and meet as many people as possible!

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  • Ana Guerrero 4 years ago

    Thanks for your publication !!
    I have some questions.
    How did you apply to the CAF?When does the process start?
    I am going to the manaement school next semester, and I would like to know more in detail your experience there.. the subjects , quality of professors..

    Could you give me some links for possible accomodation in Grenoble?

    Thanks you in advance !

  • Beth Pearson 4 years ago


    This is just a translation of the original article however the original is linked at the bottom of it, where you can find the original author :)

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