Grenoble: A destination for ski lovers

Published by Tiago Proença — 10 years ago

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Grenoble is a small town in the middle of the French Alps, for ski lovers this city is a great destination. With more than 12 ski stations at less than 1h per bus (every 15 min there is a bus to one of the ski stations) you will have enough ski stations for a 12 month stay.

However, the night life is weak and far from what you would expect from a student city. The best part is the people that you will meet, at least from my experience at the GEM (GGSB). You will get the opportunity to meet wonderful people and true friends. For sure that was the best part of my stay.

PS: The parties organised by the university associations are key dates on the calendar, you will be able to enjoy true student life, never miss them!

The city is more expensive than what you would expect, 800 € per month is what you can expect to spend.

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