Erasmus experience in Granada, Spain

Why did you decide to go to Granada, Spain?

I didn’t just want to enhance my language skills, but to gain experiences abroad, experience something new and get to know a new culture. I decided on Spain because I find the language particularly beautiful, I know many Spanish people and find the culture varied and exciting.

How long is the grant valid for? How much money do you get to support yourself?

I was in Granada for one semester and I initially received an Erasmus grant of 200 euros per month. After my stay abroad, a one-off back payment of 400 euros was added. But you never know that beforehand.

What is student life like in Granada?

Exciting, vivid, tolerant, refreshing… simply quite exceptional!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Granada to other students?

Absolutely! You can't go wrong there!

What is the national cuisine like?

Paella is of course typically Spanish. Those who like it are well served: you can get it everywhere in the coastal cities. The speciality in Andalusia is tapas! You get it for free when you buy a drink (at least in Granada)! It varies between fast-food bagels and Serrano ham - they are generally really tasty!

How did you find your accommodation?

My first was from a German Erasmus student on Studi-Vz (basically searched through different people and wrote to them). My second one was from a flyer in the street. Room advertisements are hung on every pillar there. As a German (or British person) you must just get used to the fact that Spanish people start moving in in a very short space of time (within around the next three days) after visiting.

What are accommodation costs like? And prices in general?

It costs between 200 and 250 euros for a room. As for prices in general it really depends on what you do: if you go to a tapas bar every day and eat in the university canteen, you must allow for around 15-20 euros a day. The products in the supermarkets are a bit more expensive than in Germany (but often similar to or less expensive than in the United Kingdom).

Is the language easy to understand? Does the university offer language courses?

I took three courses in Germany before arriving and completed a further course in Spain (which was offered by the uni, and which I would recommend). The best way to learn is by speaking with your flatmates whilst you’re there.

What is the cheapest way to get from Granada to your own city?

Flying: Easyjet

In your opinion, where is the best place to go partying in Granada?

In the centre.

And to eat? Can you recommend a few good restaurants in Granada?

In Calle Elvira, Realejo and Albaicin there are numerous very good bars.

Are there any interesting cultural sights to see?

The Alhambra of course, Albaicin, the different Miradores - you will become aware of the majority when you’re there.

Would you like to give any other advice to other students who are coming to Granada in the future?

At university you may have some problems with understanding, because all of the lecturers speak with an Andalusian accent.

Granada is very international, which means that you have to make quite an effort to really speak only Spanish.

Travel a lot! Morocco is directly below Andalusia; but there is a lot to discover in Andalusia itself; and what’s more, you can get very cheap buses to Madrid.

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