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  • 'Konig'

    It's a very well-known restaurant in the area. Its value for money is great, and obviously you can't visit Girona without going there. There are some throughout the whole capital and it has opened a chain in Barcelona! 'Konig' is placed in 'El Cull de la Lleona' and it...

    0 by Desi, in Where to eat Girona, 2 years ago
  • Pals

    Where is it? Pals is a town in the province of Girona, around 150km from Barcelona. Why Pals? Honestly: by chance. Due to its very striking and beautiful Gothic center which awoke my interest from the first second I saw it. After entering the center I thought 'I'm not...

    0 by Desi, in What to see Girona, 2 years ago
  • Church of Sant Feliu

    The church of Sant Feliu is the oldest one in Girona and it's placed in Sant Feliu square. It's dedicated to Sant Feliu and Sant Narcís, patron saints of Girona, since IV century. It's a temple built in different periods so its architecture displays many styles:...

    0 by Desi, in What to see Girona, 2 years ago
  • Park 'La Devesa'

    Fair in Girona starts at the end of October (29th) and the beginning of November. This is a spectacular fair with many activities such as free concerts, funfair, electronic games... What attracted my attention the most were barracas which are many places with different...

    0 by Desi, in Erasmus party Girona, 2 years ago
  • Old town and downtown of Girona

    As you know from my blog I have been travelling in Girona. During my internship I figured to go to historic town to get to know with its background. I decided to go there because I am into history and culture. The interesting fact on Girona is that the Romans built a...

    0 by Denys, in What to see Girona, 5 years ago
  • Dali Museum

    The Dali Theatre and Museum is located in Figueres, Spain near Girona. It is just north of Barcelona and is very easy to get to by train. Figueres is a small city and very beautiful and mainly known for the Dali Museum and Theatre. The museum use to be Dali’s house...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Girona, 5 years ago
  • Girona

      Girona is an amazing city jus north of Barcelona. It is a very charming city; it is much quieter than Barcelona but like every city has its gems! My favorite part about this city is the medieval sections. There is so much history in this part of the city and it is so...

    0 by Lauren, in Where to eat Girona, 5 years ago
  • Temps De Flors

    Temps De Flors My favorite event in all of spain!!! Temps de flors (time of the flowers) is in Girona, Spain just north of Barcelona. Girona is a smaller city just a little bit smaller than Barcelona and more peaceful. It is a beautiful city where you can find a whole...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Girona, 5 years ago
  • Lapsus Cafe

    Lapsus is a wonderful place if you are in the lovely city of Girona in Catalunya. Located at the gorgeous Placa de la Independencia, you can go there at any time of the day. Having an amazing tasty coffee and croissants or sandwiches in the morning to a fine...

    0 by Benedikt, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Girona, 5 years ago
  • Turkish restaurant "El Bosforo"

    This is my favourite restaurant in Girona!the prices are very low and the kebab is very good!if you don't have internet at home you can bring your computer there and they will let you to use the wi-fi. The owners are very nice.

    0 by Alice, in Where to eat Girona, 9 years ago
  • König

    König is a restaurant in the center of Girona (there are two, the other is in Placa Indipendencia).It's very very cheap. It's specialized in sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and tapas. I recommend the "Patatas Bravas"! they are special!

    0 by Alice, in Where to eat Girona, 9 years ago
  • Jewish Quarter

    It's one of the best preserved in Europe. It's like a labyrinth, because it's full of narrow streets, little squares and stairs... a lot of stairs! i recommend a map of the city if you don't want to get lost!

    0 by Alice, in What to see Girona, 9 years ago
  • The cathedral

    It's the biggest and most beautiful church in Girona. During the year there are a lot of celebrations on its front, for example during the Easter (very spectacular!), or for the "Fiesta por la Indipendencia de la Catalunya". The ticket costs 5 euros and you...

    0 by Alice, in What to see Girona, 9 years ago
  • La muralla

    They are anciant walls from the 9th century, and is one of the most complete walls of all Spain. There is a long path on them and you can walk all along and see a beautiful landscape. It's free, but it's closed during the evenings and night. There are also some...

    0 by Alice, in What to see Girona, 9 years ago

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