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The Graslei

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The Graslei in Ghent

Published by flag-be Charlotte Mullender — 3 years ago


As I am from Belgium, I want to share with you today one of my favorite places in my country.

Ghent is in the Flemish Part of Belgium, and in my opinion just as beautiful as the more well known Bruges. It is situated in between of the capital Brussels and Bruges. Ghent has a really nice and romantic old town, with beautiful historical buildings and the two rivers Scheldt and Leie flowing through the city. It is the home of many churches, cathedrals and a castle.

But what is to me the most beautiful place in Gent is the Graslei, situated in the heart of the city centre. The former port out of medieval times is surrounded by a row of cute houses on both sides of the river and bridges connecting the two sides. From here you can start boat tours through the canals of Ghent. There are many restaurants and bars to sit down outside, but the nice view has its price, so if you want to safe some money, better find a place a little further away from the Graslei.


It is the meeting point of the city and a beautiful place to sit down, watch the boats passing, have a drink with friends or just enjoy the sunshine (if the sun is actually shining for once in Belgium of course! ). You will meet tourists, locals and many students (as Ghent is a known student city). And if the water is calm, the reflection of the houses in the canal gives a unique view.


So if you visit Ghent definitely take some time to sit down at this wonderful place and just enjoy!

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