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Citadel Park

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A Nice Park for Daytime

Published by flag-ie Maoilíosa Lydon — 6 years ago

Citadel Park is located near to where I stayed on my Erasmus in Gent, Belgium. It's a nice large park where during the daytime you can just sit and read or have a nice walk as it is large enough to give you a good walk.


It was always full of people when I visited a handful of times. It is also a great shortcut to get from Overpoort to the train station.  It has some amazing architecture and natural caves which are photo worthy. 


There are ponds which freeze over during the winter and have ducks swimming about in the other seasons. 


It truly is a wonderful place to ease the mind. Of course, be wary at night like any other place as it is dimly-lit and can be dangerous. If you are in Gent, do take a visit as it is also near the museums. 

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