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  • Graffiti Street

    Graffiti street in Ghent is one of the most amazing places ever solely based on the artistic quality spread all over the walls. I went for a walk one day to find this street on purpose as I had heard so much about it. I missed it as one side of it was covered as it was...

    0 by Maoilíosa, 6 years ago
  • Gravensteen Castle

    I visited Gravensteen castle in Ghent, Belgium when I lived there for Erasmus last year. I was lucky enough to visit on a beautiful sunny day, which I would recommend as there is a chance to go outside and explore the walls and garden. There are beautiful narrow...

    0 by Maoilíosa, 6 years ago
  • Citadel Park

    Citadel Park is located near to where I stayed on my Erasmus in Gent, Belgium. It's a nice large park where during the daytime you can just sit and read or have a nice walk as it is large enough to give you a good walk. It was always full of people when I visited a...

    0 by Maoilíosa, 6 years ago
  • The Graslei

    As I am from Belgium, I want to share with you today one of my favorite places in my country. Ghent is in the Flemish Part of Belgium, and in my opinion just as beautiful as the more well known Bruges. It is situated in between of the capital Brussels and Bruges. Ghent...

    0 by Charlotte, 8 years ago

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