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Erasmus Experience in Dublin, Ireland by Enrique

Why did you choose to go to Dublin, Ireland?

I wanted to go to Poland at first but in the end I decided to go to Dublin on the matter of English.

Erasmus Experience in Dublin, Ireland by Enrique


How long is the scholarship for? How much money do you receive as aid?

€300 a month, I believe.

How is student life in Dublin?

There are many, many students here despite being the capital; but the fact the University is in the centre helps the student atmosphere quite a bit.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Dublin to other students?

Up until a point, yes. However, it's not the same as countries like Italy and Poland where Erasmus is crazy. Here, you have to study more and not just go out partying and such.

How is the country's food?

None existant.

Did you find it hard to find accommodation in Dublin?

No, I took a student hall but the people who tried getting a flat, found it complicated.

How much does it cost to live in Dublin?

At least 600 euros for halls and another 500 to live well and not worry.

How is the language? Did you go to any courses at the University?

I didn't go to any courses since English is the language.

What is the most economical way of getting to Dublin from your city?

Ryanair or Aerlingus.

Which places would you recommend to go out to party in Dublin?

Well, the cheapest are Howl at the Moon and Dicey's where you can get a pint (and cocktails on some days) for €2 or €2. 50. The best days to go out are Wednesdays and Mondays. You can go to River bar and Marcantile on weekends. They have Latin parties and are full of Spaniards and it's not very expensive either. Entry is usually free.

And to eat in Dublin? Can you name your favourite places?

Practically nothing. It's expensive and all junk food.

And as a cultural visit?

It's good but you end up seeing the city as your home and I don't see it as a cultural visit any more. However, it's good to begin with.

Any advice that you want to give to future students in Dublin?

Save up. If you want to live well and not worry about anything, you need to have a budget of 1, 200 euros a month. Getting around Europe is cheap thanks to Ryanair, which is Irish and based in Ireland so you have to take advantage of that. The main thing is to get to know people who want to do the same thing as you and want to approach Erasmus the same way as you. If what you want is to party, then those sort of people and if what you want is somewhat more cultural, then the same.

Erasmus Experience in Dublin, Ireland by Enrique


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