Castello Ursino Museum

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Super Sicily
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Castello Ursino Museum

In the next parts of the museum, we saw this marble shrine with divine beings and heroes on it ... it must be valuable!

Castello Ursino Museum

This red-figure vase shows a rich banquet ... people back then knew how to party!

Castello Ursino Museum

On this Greek inscription, you can read "Phlabios" which is "Flavius" - a Roman name written in Greek because Sicily was the first Roman colony, and also Greece was a Roman colony from the first century BC onwards.

Castello Ursino Museum

This Latin inscription was made for a jew, hence the Hebrew letters at the top and the candleholder with seven arms in the lower corners.

Castello Ursino Museum

Outside the museum, there was this collection of puppets in traditional knights' armour, something you would find very often around the city ...

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