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  • Brighton Pier

    Brighton Pier If you would like a great photograph with the beach and the city's ferris wheel in the background, you must visit Brighton Pier. From there you can take photos like this to put in your photo album and keep it as a cute reminder of your holiday. A brief...

    0 by Emma, in What to see Brighton, one year ago
  • Brighton Curiosities

    Curiosities... In this post I will include places to eat in Brighton and also a couple of the curiosities of Brighton which caught my attention. In one of the main streets, surrounded by popular shops, you can find one of the shops with one of the oldest shop windows in...

    0 by Evie, in Where to eat Brighton, 4 years ago
  • Monuments in Brighton

    Monuments Brighton is a small city, situated on the coast in Great Britain, and is one of most beautiful and interesting places in the country's history. When I went to Brighton, it was only for a day trip in summer with some friends, and there were loads of people in...

    0 by Daniela, in What to see Brighton, 4 years ago
  • Concorde2

    Having lived in the city for most of my life, I can share with you a venue renown in the city for it's brilliant atmosphere and music.... and it's out of the way compared to the usual tourist traps. At the Concorde2, you can watch any type of act that takes your fancy,...

    0 by jake, in What to do Brighton, 6 years ago

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