Bratislava and I

Bratislava and I

I was frantically getting up on Saturday morning, looking at the clock to see another hour to take the bus to Bratislava. It took 5 minutes to pick up a simple dress, slippers and a few small items into a small luggage.  I was surprised to find myself ready for a two-day weekend in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, 10 minutes by bus. I suddenly thought, this must be the record of two capitals closest to each other in the world.

Express bus ticket from Vienna to Bratislava of Regiojet of Slovakia cost 2eur / pass.

I would review them as Luxurious Bus, polite; there is also a guide girl who serves tea and a free cup of coffee. Of course, there is one more thing I like best about this bus. It was the guide girl – she is real beautiful with long blonde hair wearing short sexy dress.


 I think if the price of a cup of coffee in Vienna is 4eur, I guess Slovakia must be very cheap.

Around the windows of the car window changes quickly as the car crosses the Austrian border. Signs, street names from the German language have turned into Slovak, which includes Latin letters, but full of traces of consonants. Houses and roads have become simpler and, unlike the rich Western European states, still seem to be a new industrialization in this small country.


From the moment I set foot down in Bratislava, I fell in love with this beautiful city. From the Novy Most bus station on the banks of the Danub River, in the direction of a local young girl pointing to the city center entrance, I fell in love with a moving car that looked like a three-wheeled car which have been repainted the whole into orange, as a result, it looked very colorful and lovely.

As I have expected, coffee is sold at one-third the price in Vienna: Espresso costs 1 eur / cup, capuchino 1.8eur / cup, water and tea are all priced at 1eur.


 I wonder how an economy like Slovakia could receive the euro and still survive the Eurozone crisis?

I walked into the paved street named Hviezdoslavovo námestie, and thought I was lost in another world, lovelier, beautiful and cool to the surprise. The streets are filled with small, quiet shops underneath the rows of lush green trees filled with colorful flower baskets.

  1. Hviezdoslavovo námestie

Hviezdoslavovo námestie is a shady square and I saw the splendid silver roof of the Slovakian National Opera and the cool fountain as a highlight along the long road. Next, I moved to Panska - a large boulevard; I saw old palaces and new cafes.


Bratislava  and I

St Michael is the last remaining city gate of this city, from which we can climb the spiral staircase, past the military museums for a panoramic view of the city. As you look through the red roofs and the blue tower of St. Martin's Church, you will be able to identify your direction.

After wandering through the streets of the town, enjoying a cool glass of ice cream is probably a great idea and extremely suitable for you. At Koun, the best ice cream shop in the city, I was lucky enough to have my friend just give this address, here I found some very special homemade ice cream flavors like "fig and ricotta" Great (combining the flavors of figs and ricotta cheese) or caramel salt.

Bratislava is surprisingly relaxed, with a sense of well-being coming from cafes, ice cream parlors, yogurt ice cream, to the way people walk the weekend, even brick paved streets that seem to carry the letter. that kind of comfort. The Bratislava people go on the streets, eat, shop, look like they have all the time in the world. It's envious I think. But everything is my choice, right? I wonder why New Yorkers and Parisians do not choose such a life of debt.

Because watching people and stop looking tilt the restaurant that I came to the hotel was early afternoon. The Patio Hotel is located on a large road, 15 minutes' walk from the city center. Perhaps the hotel price is one of the most expensive things in the city. The lowest price is 15eur for a single bed in a room of 6 people, and 35eur for a  single room. After check in and check in, I decided to leave my phone at home. I would like to explore this city without internet, maps or manuals at least for today.

My intention of not using the phone and map turned out to be more difficult than I thought.

As I walked into the winding streets of the old quarter of Bratislava, I felt  a feeling of freedom of expression as I did not care where I am, what I going to see and what I  will see.

I walked from one street to another, turn wherever I like, and watch the life around me. Bratislava is like a colorful, peaceful and I would describe it as a peaceful love song, a piece of music that will be used as a background for a modern fairy tale. That city must be named the city of the new church and castle right. Then, I turned a street into another church, and I witnessed each church has its own architecture and design.


  1. 2.       Bratislava Castle


Bratislava  and I

Then my next destination is Bratislava Castle. Down in the street I looked up and curious about the castle. Although today it is cloudy, I still remember the beautiful Bratislava castle that I had a chance to visit before visiting Bratislava.


Here I will show you how to get to Bratislava Castle

Get there by public transport

First, I would like to recommend your guys using trolleybus number 203 and 207 to reach the castle. The stop is called "Hrad" (Castle) and is located only 2 minute walking from the castle. Secondly, we could get there on foot.

Remember, as I have spent 15 minutes to ask about the gates of the castle, I am sure that your guys do not want to walk around the castle to find its gates,

Sigmund gate - considered to be the most complex and the most frequent one when accessing from the old town to the south-eastern part of the castle complex.

Follow the street "Židovská" & "Mikuláška" street, and then turn to the "Beblavého". Continue the street find the stairs and the street called "Zámocké stairs".

Vienna gate - the main entrance to the castle complex. Accessible from the south-western from "Palisades" or "Mudroňova".


If I had a car, I would most likely enter this gate when coming by public transport or car.

Nicholas gate - follow the "Židovská street" and turn to the "Mikuláška street". I love this gate, it was just beautiful with some figures used to decorate it.


Bratislava  and I

By the way, the castle of Bratislava is situated majestically on the old town. The castle has a rectangular structure with four white peaks. Here I was fortunate to see the collections of Slovakia's most valuable archaeological finds and other important artifacts on the second floor, an exhibition of Slovakia's history on the third floor.

That day I visited the castle, my first impression was that I was visiting a small but important castle for a tiny Slovak country.

Perhaps this castle is more fortress, once an important military estate, built on the foundation of an old fortress under Roma, I can say that the empire of Rome extends here to the end. exert influence.

Bratislava  and I

It was such a cold day; the ground had a bit of snow so the foresight was not very good. However, I still feel great because it was the first time I saw snow.



Bratislava  and I

I went inside to find out about the history of Bratislava castle which was obtained the rare shape already in in the 9th century but the strategic position has been held much earlier.

Then, I was surprised to know that since the mid-16th century, when Bratislava became the coronation city of the Kingdom of Hungary. So I thought perhaps Bratislava used to be a part of Hungary or Austria.


Moreover, as I turned to the other room of the process of reconstruction, I found out that this castle was just a new built one. It seemed like the original castle was completely destroyed during World War II so they had to rebuild the castle.


I feel a little bit sad for Slovakia!


  1. 3.       Blue church

After visiting Brastivala Castle, I went to visit a special place in Brastivala that my Slovakia friend, Michal has told me about.

Bratislava  and I

It took me a lit of time to wandering around the old town to find it – the blue church.

Well, I had to say that I was a little bit disappointed with the church as it was so small. Moreover, I have not seen many tourists around; perhaps it was because of the Christmas time.
Or perhaps, I thought Blue church was not so famous.


There was one sad fact that I was going to say: “ I have seen my tour for visiting Europe from Vietnam, there are many options for us to choose such as 2 weeks tour in Italy, 2 weeks tour of West Europe such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Amsterdam, or 2 weeks tour of France and Spain, or Northern Europe Tour” or Tour of German Culture : Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, there was no such a tour for visiting Slovakia, perhaps due to its small size, that even my Vietnamese did not know that such Slovakia exist or perhaps kind of small culture country.

I saw the Blue Church, there were no souvenir shops around it so I could not buy a single souvenir for Blue Church even a small postcard.

So, you could understand why I felt a little bit disappointed with Slovakia tourism.

  1. 4.       President Palace – the smallest palace for a President that I have ever known

Next, I visited the President Palace of Slovakia, what’s the hell?
I am impressed by its size, how can a luxious palace for the President of a nation could be small like that?

By the way, I would still pay respect for this palace although I felt surprised by its size. It could be understood as Slovakia is one of the smallest countries in Europe.


  1. 5.       UFO Restaurant.


When I arrived in the capital of Bratislava, I was crossed by the longest asymmetric cable-stayed bridge in the world, crossing the Danube, known as the Slovak General Reformation (SNP).

I regret that I did not know that a great place to visit was a UFO restaurant. Until I returned to Tarragona, I showed Michal my picture of Bratislava, so I knew that at the top of this bridge there was a restaurant called UFO. The name "UFO" comes from the shape of the restaurant, like a flying saucer. This is the most famous and famous place of Bratislava, but if I go there, maybe I have a space that gives a panoramic view of the city of Bratislava.


  1. 6.       Bronze  statues in Bratislava.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this city for me is that it has a special collection of bronze statues on the streets

I love small Bratislava is famous for the same size fun with the same real people. In this city, I found lovely statues located right in the central square, close to the bright pink cars at the front, which was a statue of a soldier.

This hat style attracted Napoleon, who had come here in 1805, and for his army to invade the Devin Fortress near Bratislava in 1809. This statue was thus called the Napoleon Soldier. Both city dwellers and tourists prefer to sit here - on a sunny day - with the soldiers standing behind, watching the streets & horses on the road...



Another famous statue of Bratislava which I also enjoyed was "handsome Nací". This can be considered the legend of the city. The statue is the work of Karol Krcmar, based on prototype - Ignác Lamár, who was born August 12, 1897 in Petrzalka.

He also has a normal fate like many people in this city, experiencing war & poverty. But he was different by always dressed politely, groomed with tuxedo, canes and hats, he was always polite, friendly, laughing & hugging people on the street. He was also a patron of the Mayer café - near the statue where he was always given a private table. So almost every Bratislava resident lived before and after the war knew him. For them, he is the elegant look of 20th century Bratislava.

My beloved Cumil!

Bratislava  and I

However, the best statue as well as the best thing of this city is the statue of Cumil. When I first met him, I felt so fanstatic, I have never seen such a unique statue like that.

Cumil sewer - or "Man at work" - has been on the side of the road since 1997.

People even joked that he did not know what he was thinking - he was going to work, take a break, or take a look at the ladies' skirts. Eyes look that way

This Cumil has many times been auto inserted through, so serious injury then one must make his own signposts "Man at work" - the white triangle-red white! Warning danger is true right?

On the wall of Restaurant Paparazzi in the old town there is a standing Paparazzo. Who is going through carefully?

Diners come here not only to enjoy Italian food but also to look & be seen. I'm more curious than Paparazzo!

On the Hviezdoslav Avenue again found another pretty fun statue. So I did not dare to say who this is, even though there were inscriptions next to the statue. This statue is Hans-Christian Andersen, the Danish fairytale writer. He said this is British writer Lewis Carroll. Nom hat with hair is similar to Andersen statue across the famous Copenhagen Tivoli park. There is a little baby, a slug, and fairy also?

  1. 7.       Feeling about the architectural uniqueness of this city.

Further I can say I am quite impressed with the varied architectural style of Bratislava.


I think maybe because Slovakia is dependent on so many empires, they have great exchanges in terms of art architecture.

If Saint Martin's Gothic style with a crown on top of it reminds us of a 15th-century heyday, Saint Elizabeth brings a contemporary style with outstanding blue. The palace is so much that I can not remember which name with which. All are beautiful old-fashioned, but not old. At the foot of the gates of Michael the horn is connected to the bridge over the trench, a guitarist singing passionately.


 I can not help but stop for a moment because of the low voice of the young artist. Suddenly, he lowers his voice and grows to a near standstill when a family pushes the car of a baby sleeping in the crib and goes up again with the tune of "take me to the church" Hozier. I thought my heart smiled. Take me to church, I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. I will tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife, Offer me that deathless death. Good God, let me give you my life.


In order to finish the long day of exploring Bratislav, I calculated that I would find a walk to the hotel, but decided not to buy a public tram ticket. That was one of the challenges of the week that I had initiated in the changers (change people in Tarragona.

 This association brings together people who want to change themselves and the community for a society that is closer to nature, more civilized and more equitable. The association presents challenges such as not using palm oil, as most palm oils are currently produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, where people have converted forests, precious animals. Near-extinction and climate change to obtain palm oil exports. Other challenges include just buying vegetables and fruits from farmers' markets instead of going to handy supermarket chains, cooking vegetables at every meal and reducing daily bathing time to save energy. A member of the group used to live in Africa's poorest places, she decided to eat just the right amount of food and not eat as she liked it. At last week's meeting, I proposed reducing driving and using public transport to the fullest extent possible, and instead walk or ride a bike.


I arrived at the hotel was 7pm, hungry and tired legs tired. I have heard that there were bbq bbq outlets for guests at the inn, so I thought I should go early to eat at that bbq restaurant.

But in the courtyard, I only saw  a few groups of people sitting beer drinking chat, no one to eat bbq. Surprised to see, I was disappointed when she stood up to explain that only sausage, cheese and less squash. While talking to the little girl, I noticed a dull bearded man sitting at the table with a tanned tanning girl staring at my tattered face and smiling.

I throw things in the room, wash my face and run down the bar to ask the waitress where to go to eat the local Bratislava Food. He pulled out a map, pointing at an address just a few blocks from the hotel: "Slovak pub, fine money, good food. You go there peace of mind. " I sell credit to look at him, slovak pub on google, the first results show up as tripadvisor, ranking slovak pub is one of the leading eateries in Bratislava. Oh, it seems that this socially-marketed society has caused me to generate the suspicion of over-everything. I laughed out with the guy at the bar and then quickly went hungry and hungry.


Being ignored at the turn of the street with that restaurant, I saw the duo just before bbq pass and back to look at me again ... smiling again. I suddenly thought, they might as well go to this eatery like me. I think I was violently calling "Hey, are not you two in the Patio Hotel?" I was startled at first, embarrassed, so friendly and open. The couple is as friendly as well. "Oh, do you eat at Slovak Pub? So come along for fun. I nod my head in confession.

With the national dishes of Slovakia, I recommend you to taste Bryndzové halušky, a traditional Slovak cuisine made from potatoes, sheep cheese and smoked meat. Potatoes, fatty cheese and smoked meats will create a taste that makes it hard for visitors to forget.


I could have expected no culinary creations in this city, but Bratislava did not disappoint you with modern cafes, restaurants and fine pubs. Slovakia is famous for its wine more than beer.

  1. 8.       To conclude

 Bratislava makes me feel like I am back to the journey of youth, wherever I am considered as home and meet people as friends.



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