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Erasmus Bosnia and Herzegovina

Find all the information you need for your Erasmus in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There's no doubt about it: going on Erasmus to Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Now that you have made the decision and are preparing yourself for the move, you have questions such as, "What should I know before moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina?" and "Where can I find student accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina?"...

Erasmus participants like you have been guided by Erasmusu for years, helping to build one of the biggest international student networks. You'll find all the information you need, from perfect student accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, potential roommates, and language classes to internship opportunities and other cool stuff you can do to make some extra cash to make the most of your stay.

On our comprehensive website, you will find all the tools necessary to ensure a seamless transition. Embark on your Erasmus adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina today!

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