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  • Translations blog of Nuno in English

Translations blog of Nuno in English

Nuno vanZeller — 2 people follow the author

This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • 20 reasons to visit Porto

    The amazing city of Porto. Elected as the European Best Destination in 2014 by the European Consumers Choice for the second time (the first time being in 2012), the "Unvanquished City" receives this award for the following reasons (along with some curiosities): 1. The...

    0 by Nuno, in Erasmus blog Porto 4 years ago
  • Homemade "Francesinha"

    Just... so...amazingly... good... Oh, my apologies, I'm feeling a bit homesick I believe. How are you all doing, my friends? Me, I'm currently hungry as hell just by looking at the image above. God, how I miss this particular dish. It's a "francesinha" from a...

    0 by Nuno, in Erasmus recipes 4 years ago

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