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Exploring Croatia with our Japanese guest

Grgo Petrov — 3 people follow the author

I would like to show you what I have visited and showed to our Japanese guest, Madoka, that spent 10 days with my family in Croatia.

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  • Day 8 | Last day at Vodice

    Okay guys! Time to finish the story with our Japanese guest. Where did we stop last time? We got back from Zadar and spent the other day relaxing in Vodice. I think that was 11th or 12th August... my birthday was on 14th but cannot remember whether Madoka was with me...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago
  • Day 9 | Zagreb - the capital (quick tour around)

    The last days with Madoka. Short tour around the capital's historic center and time to say "Sayounara". With this article I finish the Croatian-Japanese adventures with Lions Club in both Japan and Croatia for the summer 2016. Day 9 Zagreb - the tour around the...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Zagreb 4 years ago
  • On the bike & walking around [Hundertwasserhaus, Prater, Donauinsel, 1. Bezirk]

    Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend were so good in terms of weather conditions that staying home during the day would have been a terrible mistake and I would regret it. Thus I decided to go out when it was such a nice beautiful sunny day and very warm as well. To...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Vienna 4 years ago
  • Day 7 | Visiting Zadar - the town with the most beautiful sunset in the world

    Source Alright! After having a day off and a break in Vodice we decided that our last destination outside our town was going to be the ancient town of Zadar. Day in Zadar was also a very long day as we spent it there form the morning and returned again during the night...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Zadar 4 years ago
  • Day 5 | Visiting Split - the capital of Dalmatia

    And finally the day came to go to Split! I am not sure whether my sister and I were more looking forward to it than Madoka did. She had no expectations of course whereas my sister and I knew more of Split and wanted to spend a day there but it was always difficult if...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Split 4 years ago
  • Day 4 | Visiting Šibenik - the oldest Croatian town on the shore

    The next destination on our list was the town of Šibenik. Šibenik is one of the places that you are likely to fall in love with once you see it. So far I have not met any person who has been there that did not like it. This town has a long history and might not be...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago
  • Day 3 | Excursion to Prvić island

    On our third day and the second on the coast we decided to take a ride on the boat to the island of Prvić and see what the life on the island looks like. There is also the Memorial Centre of Faust Vrančić. More about the Memorial Center itself you can read in my...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago
  • Day 2 | Vodice and Dalmatia

    We arrived to Vodice around the lunch time. It was very hot. Then the familiar street with our house and neighbours. Sound of the motorcycles down the street and of people walking towards the marketplace and the beach. We brought the baggage inside and Madoka met with...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago
  • Day 2 | On our way to Dalmatia

    After waking up early in the morning we had a quick breakfast and got into the car. It was already close to 30 degrees outside and made the trip a bit difficult to endure. It took us around 4 hours from Zagreb to get there as we stopped a few times to see the...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago
  • Day 1 | Arriving to Zagreb & first evening

    Welcome to my first introduction post to new stories regarding the 10 days of great time with our Japanese guest, Madoka. I am going to describe you places we had visited, cultural experience we had and of course bring you some interesting information of the local...

    0 by Grgo, in Erasmus blog Croatia 4 years ago

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