Pros and cons of sharing a room during your Erasmus

Have you been looking for a place to live during your Erasmus experience and still can't decide on the type of accommodation? Maybe you've been checking out some options that seem interesting and others that are possibly too expensive. If your budget is tight, a good option to consider is sharing a room during your Erasmus, so today we give you both the advantages and disadvantages of this way of staying during your experience abroad.

Pros and cons of sharing a room during your Erasmus

Advantages of sharing a room during Erasmus

From Erasmusu we are very keen on sharing a room during your experience abroad, and many people from the team have done it! Not everything in life is a piece of cake, but take a look at the advantages of spending some of the most important months of your life with another person and you will surely see it from a different perspective.

Saving on rent

The amount you receive from the Erasmus grant is, most of the time, not much to get excited about. Especially if we take into account that living for several months in a foreign city is a considerable amount of money, even more so if you have to pay a deposit or several months in advance. As accommodation will be one of your biggest expenses during your Erasmus, what better way to save a lot of money than sharing a room? You will be able to spend that money on food, transport, travel, or whatever you need!

First-hand cultural exchange

If you've decided to go on Erasmus we have no doubt that it's because you want to live an adventure in another country, meet new people and have a cultural immersion that will make you grow as a person. Sharing a room with someone from another country during your Erasmus stay will allow you to do that and more! Not only will you be able to exchange different points of view on any topic, but you will also learn about another culture and another language.

If the other person is from your country, don't think you won't learn anything! There are regions within a country that are so different that they seem like different territories. Take the opportunity to learn from that person and get to know your country a little better. You're sure to find it interesting and even have a good laugh about your differences!

Pros and cons of sharing a room during your Erasmus

Having company during those not-so-good days

Erasmus is an amazing experience, but there might be moments when you're feeling down, whether it's missing family and friends, or the stress of facing unfamiliar things for the first time. When you share a room on Erasmus, this feeling could be much easier if, as a result of the previous point, you get on well with your roommate.

Keep in mind that this person will be going through a very similar experience to you, and no one will understand you better if you feel a bit more lonely or sad. At the end of the day, Erasmus is worth it for the people you meet and the adventures you have with them. That's what everyone says!

Disadvantages of sharing a room during Erasmus

It may not all be plain sailing, so let's take a look at some of the disadvantages of sharing a room. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Many people agree that they have never had any problems with their roommate and that, if you adapt a little bit, the experience can be very enriching. But let's see what you think!

Adapting your privacy

Perhaps the most difficult thing about sharing a room with another person is the lack of privacy. If you have doubts about this, believe me, many of us who have been in your situation before have had them too. However, there is nothing that cannot be solved. Talk to your roommate about this issue and I'm sure you will understand each other perfectly.

You can agree on certain times of the day to have a bit of privacy while the other person has classes or activities. You can even try to take advantage of the common areas of the house and meet up with other people while giving the other person some space. Although it may sound too organised, in practice you won't even notice it and everything will go smoothly. People understand each other by talking!

Pros and cons of sharing a room during your Erasmus

Creativity for lack of space

If you're someone who travels with a lot of luggage, you might notice this if your room isn't too big. We know you need to be prepared, but do you really need everything you plan to bring? It might be the best time to rethink your packing list and discard what you won't use. Embrace minimalism! Travelling light will help you greatly with this point.

If you're not even sure what to take, take a look at the post "How to pack the perfect suitcase for your Erasmus experience", which will surely come in handy.

Changes in your rest routine

University life can be a bit chaotic at times, and you'll want to make the most of the experience. Considering that on your Erasmus you'll be going out a lot, travelling a lot (we hope) and doing your life a little bit off the clock apart from the routine of classes, maybe this point is a minor concern. If you are one of those people who have a well-defined sleep routine and don't like to be disturbed in the early hours of the morning, discuss it with your roommate to set certain rules regarding parties and/or noise. If it's the other way around and you are the party person but your roommate is not, you will have to empathise a little and respect their rest; either by trying not to make noise when you arrive or by staying with other people on nights when you get "tied up". They'll be very grateful and your relationship will be much better!

Now that you've seen both sides of the coin, what do you decide? Whether sharing a room is for you or not, take a look at our student accommodation and look for the flat, room, residence or studio that best suits your needs. At Erasmusu we accompany you throughout the whole process, from your booking request to your arrival at the accommodation. Book in advance, the best flats fly too soon!

Complete your Erasmus with a language course

The first few weeks of Erasmus can be a bit complicated, especially if you don't master the language of the country so well! Check out Erasmusu Education, select your preferences and find dozens of options to study languages while you're on Erasmus. Not only will you master the language in a matter of a few weeks and be able to practice what you've learned with locals, but you'll save a lot of time that you can spend on enjoying the experience to the fullest. Enrol and live the ultimate Erasmus adventure!

Pros and cons of sharing a room during your Erasmus

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