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Preparation and Processing of Application for University of Malta

Published by Manish Abraham — 6 years ago

Tags: Erasmus tips

Preparing for the exchange began with researching about the possible countries for exchage then began the process for applying for the exchange, by filling in an online form at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria by giving first three options for an exchage, to recognize ones eligibility for the exchange.

Initially I had to apply at the International office in my university in Austria, then after few days of review they gave a confirmation stating that I was eligible and could be nominated for the exchange semester to University of Malta.The University Erasmus Coordinator at the International Office had to nominate me based on availability and merit. It’s only once University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria approved me as an applicant, I could get the applications processed for University of Malta, and it’s to be send to University  of Malta in via the University. 

The second step was to send the Application to the University of Malta. There were a few documents needed for this which included the underlying:

o    Enrolment Form.

o    The Learning Agreement (A form which is signed by the three parties (me, my professor, and then the University of Malta) stating the ECTS accreditation of the courses which I will be taking in Malta).

o    A Certificate from my University stating my language skills.

o    A form for the ERASMUS grant (this was for my University and was not sent to University of Malta).

o    I also attached a copy of my transcripts (though not required but it was good since I scored pretty good marks over my last semester).

o    Health Forms.

o    Photocopy of my passport & residence card of Austria.

o    Copy of my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

o    Copy of the Travel Insurance.

Once these documents were sent I had to wait till I got my learning agreement back from the University of Malta and later they sent me an Acceptance letter from the University of Malta.

It takes some days to process the applications the deadline in University of Malta was 1 st June, but the procedure in my university started from February.  The preparation for the Exchange Semester began long before in January when I was told to choose the option for an exchange in February. 

I have presently bought the flight tickets and am currently looking for a suitable accommodation. I am really excited about my exchange semester to Malta since currently over the summer I am working in Munich at MAN Truck and Bus AG., so as of now this exchange semester would be an exciting change from my present routine.



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