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incredible cruise in Mediterranean Sea

Published by Marwa Ch — 6 days ago

Blog: Erasmus experience in Portugal
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In a very warm and sunny day, my friends and me decided to live an incredible adventure together by trying a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea in a tunisian city called Sousse where exist a special port called Al kantaoui.

From the capital Tunis, we can reach this coastal city either by train for only 3 euros or the public taxis for 3 euros also or choose to go by car in the highway where we can also pay the taxes but these taxes cost less than 1 euro. This wonderful idea came from the fact of visiting another very famous city called Sidi bousaid very famous for its amazing port with boats decorating the landscape and representing a real postcard with the beauty of the mediterranean sea and the green mountain in front of it that we could admire from the top of the hill in a very popular cafe.


The blue and white color of homes, the flowers surrounding the gardens and the multiple restaurants with great view on the sea gave the same feeling as being in Greece, Santorini since their resemblance is very strong, we were having good time in the cafe joking and talking until we had the great idea of going to a new adventure inside of the sea by a boat of pirates but not in Sidi bousaid because it would be very easy, but rather in the city called Sousse.

On the road we had the most amazing time together discovering all the cities around like Grombalia, Hamamet, Bouficha, Hammam Sousse. Arriving to the port Al kantaoui, we discovered many beautiful sites for playing golf, the sea was very beautiful and the weather sunny so it was suitable for a going out for a cruise also poeple were very friendly with us and the atmosphere was really amazing.

In summer times, usually local residents used to camp in front of the beach and spend their nights inside tentes to enjoy to the maximum the smell of the sea, the white sand and be relaxed by the sound of the waves. We had a friend of us having already a boat decorated exactly like a pirate boat, the price of such a cruise is cheap only 5 euros for one whole hour inside the sea with the possiblity to swim for half an hour in deep water of course and only for experienced and good swimmers.


At first, we enjoyed very much this cruise, since the captain put music loud, poeple were dancing forgetting all their worries, singing outloud, loughing, trying to meet with each other, a real festive atmosphere that put everyone enjoy more and more this incredible trip with a mixed feelings of happiness and adrenaline overflowing inside the body.

As we crossed the mediterranean sea, the waves got bigger and bigger, the boat was waving in the right and in the left in a smooth way until we reached a point where we stopped and eveyone was in swimming outfit to perform the craziest acrobaties from the boat to the deep water, the music was on to add to this atmosphere great sensations of joy and euphoria.

Suddenly, the wind became more strong, the clouds gathered in very fast way forming a real beginning of a storm, rain began to drop on poeple swimming in the deep sea, that fact was exactly happening when the captain advised us to go back inside the boat since the weather got changed suddenly and it was obviously more urgent for us to get in the boat.

All the poeple hurried to go back into the boat but the problem was in getting back to the ground, as the wind was more and more strong causing bigger and bigger waves and made us feel dizzy and uncomfortable, the boat was at that time like a small construction made from paper in a huge storm and a strong force of nature.


The going back to earth was a real nightmare for some poeple that did not stand the moving of the boat with the force of the waves and became very dizzy, it was a bit a misadventure for us as rain did not stop and we were really very surpised by this weather modification all of a sudden. Fortunately, we arrived safely to the ground and thanked God for this good ending, we realised that always unexpected events can happen in a trip, that is the reason why we must always be careful and expect all the worst scenarios.

We then went to a cafe as a shelter in front of the sea port that gave a wonderful view of the force of nature, and we decided to wait for rain to stop while having a hot coffee and remembering this incredible but dangerous experience with good loughings and warm hearts. Sine Tunisia is localised in the northern of Africa, its weather is very sunny regularly and there is never a big storm or hurricanes because it is not a tropical region, it is characterised by warm sunny days, warm water in beach which attracts many tourism activities beside of course the jet ski tours or the parachutes linked to boats crowssing the sea in very fast way, so the leisure activities are really multiple and amazing.

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