5 Simple Card Tricks to Impress Your Friends

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Do you think that only professional magicians can be able to perform tricks? Or you could make a complete fool of yourself if you try out some tricks?

Well, with the easy and affordable ways to learn tricks you can now become a professional magician within a very short time. The reputable magic websites now provide a range of offers for every performance level and age group that you can use. However, if you want to master some easy tricks, the first thing is to learn how to do card force, also you can visit this blog to find more useful tips. This is where you influence your friends to pick the card that you want them to pick. Once you learn this you can literally do it with virtually any card.


Here are a couple of simple tricks to get you started.

Card Force 1

One of the simplest trick is to put the card that you want them to pick at the bottom. As you shuffle the card ensure that it still remains at the bottom. Next, fix your thumb and pull them back with your index finger while asking your friend to inform you where to stop. When they say so, split the deck where your finger is then pull the bottom card with the top half of the card so that it seems as if it has been in the middle of the cards all through.

Card Force 2

Unlike the previous trick this is where you lay three cards and ask your friend to pick one. If they choose the right one you are through with our job. If not, remove one and put both your friend’s card and your card at the back of the deck leaving the right card. Next, hand it over to them and ensure that they do not let you see it.

Name Any Card in the Deck

Just like the others, this is also a very easy trick. You can perform it and blow the minds of both your family members and friends. The first step is to show your spectators the deck and then inform them that you will be pulling the cards one by one and their work will just be to say what card it is. The deck should also be in reverse and you should not see the cards. When he says "Stop! ", pull the cards facing him and just name the card. You can do this trick as much as you want and it doesn’t matter what kind of card the spectator wants.

Magician Choice

This simple card trick is very easy. The first step is to lay three cards while facing down on the floor. It’s a trick that is usually being performed. Once you have gotten your friend’s card, change it another way at the bottom and shuffle. Next, cut the deck in the middle putting half of it at the bottom but moving it a bit so that it can give you some room to operate. Place your index finger over the deck and use your pinky to take the card while wiggling your fingers to show that there are some magical forces being performed. If your friends think about it, then it means it’s very simple. However this is rarely the case, since few people ever realize how it’s played.

The Ironing Box

If you are looking for one with a little showmanship then this is the best. Although this will take a little setting, it has a huge payoff at the end of everything. Take a book and look for page that matches the card such as 3, queen or heart. You can use a little juice to highlight the pages and then call upon your friends to pull the cards. You need to behave in a way to show that the spirit is working on you. You then need to open the page and iron. You will notice that the words appear in brown once you are through with ironing.

Basically, playing a card magic should not be hard. You just need to take something impressive and make it easy.

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