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Erasmus Experience in Bilbao, Spain - by Emi

Why did you choose to go to Bilbao, in Spain?

I chose Bilbao because it was a city I had never been to, and I chose Spain more particularly because I love the lifestyle and the language.

How long is your stay? What is the amount of financial aid you receive?

My stay is for a semester (September to January). I've been entitled to a support of €400 over four months, plus €100 each month.

Erasmus Experience in Bilbao, Spain - by Emi


How is the student atmosphere in Bilbao?

The student atmosphere is very pleasant. There are many Erasmus evenings on offer, where you can meet plenty of new people. And when it comes to the university courses, I have had no problems making friends and working alongside them. The Spanish have been very welcoming and did not reject me for being an "erasmus. "

Would you recommend the city and university of Bilbao to other students?

I 100% recommend this city, I felt really good there and the atmosphere there is very friendly and lively (especially in the evening).

What is the food like in this country

The many tapas bars are just the best.

Did you have any difficulties finding accommodation in Bilbao?

No, it was easy to find on the website easypiso

What is the cost of living like in Bilbao?

Fairly expensive compared to the rest of Spain, but cheaper than in France.

How was it learning the language? Have you been to any language classes organised by the university?

Although it was difficult to begin with, the language comes gradually. If you are rubbish at Spanish, don't worry, as you will always be able to make yourself be understood. I don't take Spanish lessons because I don't think it is useful once you are here.

What is the cheapest method of getting to Bilbao from your city?

The bus.

Erasmus Experience in Bilbao, Spain - by Emi


And to eat in Bilbao? Which are your favourite places?

  • Covent Garden Bar for cheap tapas and mojitos.
  • Tapas around the Plaza Nueva - a bit pricey but delicious.
  • Bendita Pizza: good pizzas for a reasonable price.
  • And what places do you recommend visiting for the culture?

    Guggenheim Museum, typical of Bilbao; the Artxanda Funicular, a very beautiful view of Bilbao; Casco Viejo for walking; the Ribera Market which is typical of Bilbao.

    What advice would you give to future students in Bilbao?

    Don't be afraid of adventure in this new city - the Spanish are very welcoming and life is very pleasant.

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