Living in Berlin

Published by Kriya Vij — 11 months ago

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Berlin is one of the best cities I have lived in.

Here is some crisp information based on my experiences there.

Architecture and Landscape

German architecture is very unique, specially the old residential buildings. It is simple yet good looking and tidy. There are many beautiful places to visit. Brandenburg Tor is the most popular and the Berlin Tower is the most popular modern structure of Berlin.

Living in Berlin

Culture and Customs

Punctuality and efficiency is extremely impressive. No wonder German brands lead in many goods and services that rely significantly on Supply Chain.

Living in Berlin A long long trail of cars being transported in Berlin


There are many popular German foods. A specialty is the popular Currywurst. Additionally, we all know how popular German beer is. Indeed, non vegetarian food does dominate the cuisine.


Like in most other countries, people in Germany like to party. Parties are often a gathering at a friend's place where it is easier to talk and have fun!


Apart from movies, festivals and events, a lot of concerts also happen at Berlin. During my stay, Adele performed in the city.


Berlin has two airports. The metro system is very well connected and efficient. The single tickets are a bit costly while the monthly passes are at par expectations.


Living in Berlin

Cost of living is quite comfortable in Berlin. Even though it is the capital of Germany and is one of the major European cities, you will be surprised that the cost of living is more than reasonable.


Berlin is really cold during the winters. Hence, you have to take charge of protecting yourself against it. I have not been in the city during peak summers but I assme it is not very hot. During the commencement of summers, the weather is very pleasant.

One thing not covered in the above points is the low pollution of the city. The population density is also quite low for a city of such economic importance.

All in all, I highly recommend Berlin. It was an amazing experience for me and I am sure that it will be the same for you!

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