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Leonardo in a Language School!

I'm italian and I work for the language school Die 12 Sterne in Schöneberg. The team is nice and young, we are from France, Italy and Germany. We work also with Erasmus Students, that need help with German language. I love the city, I wouldn't go back to Italy, but the weather is too bad. I had no summer!!!
The transportation in Berlin are very good, but a little expensive. I had a special price for my Abo because of my stage. For a month I payed 53 euros and I can travel in AB areas. But the service is so good that I pay for it.
I live in Fridrichshain, and I like it very much. There is always something to do, and always a lot of people eating or drinking on the street. Many parties are on the weekend, but I would suggest to inform you during the week on what you really want to do, beacause it could take a lot of time going here or there in the city.
If you want to eat in Berlin there is no problem: you can find all you want at every time in the day and in the night. I'm italian and sometimes I want to eat a good pizza, but it's very easy to find everything you want. I think that real german food is good, but it's not so easy to be found. That's the problem!!
Prices are very good. I studied in Rome, and there you can pay 500 euros for a little single room far away from city center. Here for less I found a beautiful apartment only for me. It was a dream!!!
About Architecture and Landscape... the city is really beautiful. Everywhere are "baustellen", and everyday is something new. I love it!!

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